29-Sep-1998: Yesterday we lost a drive and some of the information on the archive. We are working on getting everything back to normal.

27-May-1998: Yay! I have learned how to get the tables to look right. All I can say it is about time I figured it out.

22-Apr-1998: There is now an update page that gathers all of the programs that are used to update the archive. If you the program to move the pictures into the arhicve you will get the user name and password that you need to access the page. The page is at /update/

2-Apr-1998: I have updated all of the descriptions to all the pages. On the Artists pages there are descriptions too. The next trick it to make the pages update quicker so that there are thumbnails at all times on the recent page. Also now that the description problem is solved I have time work on the pictures update page. :)

13-Jan-1998: I know I have not keep you all up to date on this but, the server just was upgraded and there was some problems with the thumbnailer. It all seems to be working now :)

6-Jan-1998: The archive now has desciptions!

5-Jan-1998: I found that Netscape does not draw tables as fast as I would like it to. I have removed the tables to help downloading speeds.

1-Jan-1998: Added an upload page. Ask if you want to be able to add pictures on your own without my help.

30-Dec-1997: Removed the old thumbnail system.

15-Dec-1997: The new thumbnail system installed.

10-Nov-1997: A new CGI perl script has been added in the BETA area. It a little on the basic side but it creates the thumbnails of new pictures on the fly. Have fun.