News is back?
Well, it might be. I made a copy of the spool. it may eat itself, but all the article archive is backed up right now.
Below is the original announcement.

It's gonna be down for a bit. Use fysh for now. Read on for the gory technical details.

To fend off the inevitable questions:

What it IS due to is some serious failures of the underlying hardware. Right now I've turned it off so the web archive can get all my attention. (That is a lot more important... I really don't want to lose that) It's either a cable failure (PLEASE Let it be that) or the fact that the drives were running too hot in the old case. (BAD news)

In the either case, I'm going to have to pick up a new SCSI card, pull anoteher box offline, backup everything on each drive then do destructive testing on it. This will take about 8 hours per drive... once overnight, once during the day.

Two of them I already know I have to lowlevel... fortunatly they were striped on /tmp so have nothing important. A third I will probably have to, which is bad because it's my home directory.

However, and this is really important, after stripping out about 8 gigs of drive space, I was able to read all the disks at the same time without crashing. That means I know what drives are dead... and whats currently running the system is probably OK.

Of course, all the removed drives are pretty much out of warantee, so I have new wall decorations. *shrug* Such is life in the fast lane... To horribly abuse a bad metaphor: "driving on the information superhighway, and I just threw a rod."

Anyway, this convieniently co-insides with a major push here at work, so I only have an hour or so to deal with this this week. Joy.

Anyway, I'll get it fixed as soon as possible, but it's gonna take a while.