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Only the main protagonists of each story will be indexed by species here. If a mythical name for a species exists, that name is used, otherwise, I name the speces of which the furry in question is an anthropmorphism of, thus an anthrovixen will be listed under 'Fox' (or 'Kitsune', if the author calls her that :-) Thus, humans may be found under 'Ape' ;-)

Please note that I am not a taxonomist, so I may have made mistakes in classifying some animals. Also, contemporary taxonomy wasn't created with most of the species seen in the stories in mind, so one must take this classification with a grain of salt. Finally, some of the classifications (such as 'Avian') were created to group species that aren't related but share some other common feature.

I've tried to make the classifications as inclusive as possible, thus for instance, you'../../miavir/stories/speclist.html">List of all Species is available.



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