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  oCeLoT 10 1999-11-05 00:44:47-05
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Thumbnail leathereagle.jpg December 13, 2001
482x700 (119861)
Wolf in a leather eagle mask. (Wow. I haven't uploadeded here in forever and then some. Perhaps I should do so more often.)
Thumbnail ravenscroft.jpg November 5, 1999
453x623 (138216)
It's Ravenscroft. Woo.
Thumbnail p5tiger.jpg July 18, 1999
440x481 (119137)
30-minute Painter scribble. That would have taken 10 minutes if I owned a tablet. (Read: send me tablets! ;))
Thumbnail kinkyp.gif June 24, 1999
650x400 (30739)
Utterly appropriate for puffy, saccharine, marshmallow birds. Don't ask.
Thumbnail monarch.jpg April 26, 1999
368x574 (121182)
Monarch-winged fox. Turned out nicely. Crud scan. Scanner doesn't like such strong oranges. Feh. Ink, Tria, 8.5"x11".
Thumbnail spikes.gif April 21, 1999
368x530 (24007)
Neat little spiky dragon. Ink.
Thumbnail gypsy.jpg April 21, 1999
393x561 (141549)
Gypsy vixen, grinning slyly and holding a crystal ball. 8.5"x11", marker, colored pencil, ink. ©99 Amara Telgemeier,,
Thumbnail beach.jpg April 21, 1999
488x619 (90357)
Two huskies, one anthropomorphic and one not, on a beach (surroundings vaguely modeled after a beach I've been to along the northern Oregon coast). The one dog is probably the owner of the other, but both have collars. Who knows. :) 8.5"x11", pencil and
Thumbnail dappled.jpg April 21, 1999
401x517 (144187)
"Dappled in Sunlight". Pair of clouded leopards lounging on a tree above a stream -- presumeably after swimming, or somesuch, to escape the heat. This thing took way too damn long. :) 8.5"x11", Ink, brushpen, Tria pen, colored pencil... © 1999 Amara Telg
Thumbnail thekatty.jpg April 21, 1999
300x690 (73858)
Me! ("Oh, I get it, that's a description field, there...")

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