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  Zjonni 4 1999-04-23 03:00:16-04
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Thumbnail vixndncr.jpg April 23, 1999
279x360 (47879)
Generic vixen dancing with shawl. First full color piece I ever finished, also the first piece of art I ever entered in a con art show. Colored pencil over marker.
Thumbnail vcostume.jpg April 23, 1999
350x360 (53277)
Cover for 'YARF!', ConFurence IX edition: An illustration for a story titled 'Costume: Golden Vixen'. To make a long story short, yes, that is a zipper on her back, and yes, I -did- screw up and draw a non-golden vixen. Done entirely in colored pencil.
Thumbnail ottrlmts.jpg April 23, 1999
360x305 (68993)
This was the cover for the 'Otter Limits' fanzine. I was pretty disappointed, but it was a chance to exercise my color work for the first time in a couple of years, and I always was a fan of the 'Flash Gordon' genre'. Done entirely in colored pencil.
Thumbnail emmeline.jpg April 23, 1999
274x360 (45780)
This is the last finished piece I did that was 'for me'. Notice it dates back to 95. An experiment to see if I could draw leather and PVC side by side. All colored pencil.

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