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  Warner-Jones 152 2000-09-08 13:49:51-04
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Thumbnail Bearcane.jpg December 28, 2003
676x900 (134504)
Something else for you to enjoy. Anyway.
Thumbnail Foxlean.jpg December 28, 2003
532x900 (100747)
This was a pic I donated at FOTF. Of course that version didn't have my sig, but It did sell. Thanks! I hope you guys will enjoy it as well. Warnndog.
Thumbnail MatrixLion.jpg December 28, 2003
852x900 (197987)
Here's a promo for an upocming movie. Thiers more than one of them...Noooo.
Thumbnail Tiger_enc.jpg December 28, 2003
860x900 (139893)
Another Yiff. yes. Damn Yiff.|
Thumbnail Alligator.jpg December 28, 2003
528x900 (125992)
ohh it's an Alligator....Badger,Badger,badger. Hope you enjoy.
Thumbnail Bear copy.gif December 17, 2003
900x1568 (155224)
Another Sketch.
Thumbnail Sketchotwo2.gif December 17, 2003
900x1562 (383916)
Just another sketch. Please let me know what you think.
Thumbnail Sketchotwo1.gif December 17, 2003
717x975 (271194)
Just a Sketch. If anyone is interested.
Thumbnail HelpDog.jpg November 6, 2003
888x900 (577730)
A wonderful great picture.
Thumbnail Wolf&Cross .jpg November 5, 2003
456x900 (284914)
Just a wolf. possibly may be helpful. httP://
Thumbnail Cowdog.jpg November 4, 2003
648x900 (455346)
Oh No, it's another rated G artwork. Oh well I had to do it sometime. Hope you enjoy.
Thumbnail Threesome.jpg November 4, 2003
1109x900 (893047)
Another Yiffy piece of Artwork, Man I'm shelling these things out. No really this is the last one. httP://
Thumbnail Lion mast.jpg November 4, 2003
572x900 (416146)
Hey do you wana Yiff. This Lion Does, pretty badly. Anyway, hope you enjoy.
Thumbnail Dog_day.jpg November 3, 2003
602x900 (481656)
Since I seem to be lacking, in great appeal, might as well induce some eageness, so I can finally sell. Hey. Anyway, enjoy.
Thumbnail wolfmace.jpg November 3, 2003
695x900 (536811)
Something new for my website. And a little doodle, I been really wanting to get done.
Thumbnail SnapETiger_Black.jpg September 22, 2003
471x900 (184858)
This is another drawing for a friend of Snap. His black tiger character. The technique I used here is the same technique, I used for my last drawing, giving him the actual suite in the background.
Thumbnail SnapETiger_rain.jpg September 22, 2003
461x900 (214284)
This is a Darwing I did for a friend of mine, SnapE. Anyway, I gave him his fursuit background for contrast. I hope you guys enjoy.
Thumbnail Like a Fox.jpg September 19, 2003
1452x1571 (678897)
Hey I have to put in the Good Word. This is a rendition for a Con comming up in Oklahoma called Oklacon: Festival of the Freal. It's a great event, for more info please visit:
Thumbnail Derek.jpg September 3, 2003
694x800 (965570)
How do you like the background I created for this picture...Anyway, The actual picture is a story idea I'm writting right now. This ain't no ordinary police dog.
Thumbnail Wariordog.jpg September 1, 2003
472x800 (333599)
Believe it or not, the original of this picture was drawn on regular lined paper. I guess I perfected my technique. Atleast I refined it a little more.

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