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  Tremaine 463 2000-12-11 07:07:15-05
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Thumbnail Vixen_CrazyForIceCream.gif December 11, 2005
592x821 (29519)
A sketchbook trade I did with KinkyTurtle. The theme of the book was "how to go crazy", I believe. Well, it's how to make her go crazy anyway. :)
Thumbnail Unicorn.jpg December 11, 2005
408x700 (85724)
A good friend of mine said I didn't draw enough unicorns. So I did, right on the spot. She was quite happy that I did. The thing she's sitting on is a sad, sad attempt at something other than an ottoman. Shame on me for not using proper perspective.:P
Thumbnail TrevorChinchilla.jpg December 11, 2005
568x700 (71030)
This is an art trade I did with Micah Fennec of her chinchilla character, Trevor. I thought I'd do something a little different with this masturbation piece. :)
Thumbnail TremmiesGoods.jpg December 11, 2005
700x700 (81783)
Tremmie spread wide. Looks like someone is a little happy to see you!
Thumbnail TremmieDildo.jpg December 11, 2005
715x700 (88490)
Tremmie Vix Has a little fun! She fingers herself while dildoing her self. Is there no satisfying this vixen? ;)
Thumbnail Tremaine-MFM9_Web.gif December 11, 2005
439x600 (88627)
This was my submission for "Mephit FurMeet 9". I didn't win, but that's okay. I think it's the best submission I've done yet. One of these years!
Thumbnail Sylvia3.jpg December 11, 2005
379x710 (53417)
Another pic of Sylvia the grey squirrel. Apparently she's just on the way to the shower, or perhaps we caught her on the way to bed! She smiles awkwardly as we catch her with her robe wide open! Sylvia belongs to myself and Mistletoe.
Thumbnail SkunkOwnerAndHisPetKitty.jpg December 11, 2005
772x700 (112621)
A skunk master has a little fun with his feline pet. I need to draw more anal. Many people say I need to draw M/M anal. And I agree!
Thumbnail Silvara1.jpg December 11, 2005
664x700 (104277)
Silvara1.jpg Earlier this year, I rekindled an old friendship with Silvara of FurryMUCK. She's quite a unique character, and she plays it rather well. I don't think she gives herself nearly enough credit! She is a winged wolf, with pupil-less silver eyes, five tails, and dragon wings. And of course, two pairs of breasts. Normally such a creature is not what I normally seek out, but she's so cool. I had to draw her. I'd like to do more involving her and Tremaine. :)
Thumbnail PrettyAmber.jpg December 11, 2005
568x700 (99431)
Here's a feline character I haven't drawn in a long time! Amber, the orange tabby cat. She plays a bit with her fiery mane, smiling at the viewer. I experimented with a bit more of an orange color for her ventral (face "mask", chest and tummy) fur, but I think a tan or beige suits her far better. :) Amber belongs to me.
Thumbnail Ootalee.jpg December 11, 2005
388x700 (58310)
This is my wife's character, a snowshoe hare named Ootalee. It's a Cherokee word for "Mistletoe". Her main character is a snowshoe hare named Mistletoe. She enjoys playing on the "Mistletoe" theme...she has another named "Miss L. Toe", the lounge singer, and "Missile Toe" the action herione. Ootalee was a lot of fun to draw!
Thumbnail MistletoeSmoosh.jpg December 11, 2005
312x721 (45382)
My lovely wife Mistletoe! Her character showing off a little. People have asked me about looking at naughty pictures of my wife's character. While Mistletoe and I are married in real life, we consider our characters to be fictional representatives of ourselves. As such, we consider them and online roleplay they are involved in to be pure fantasy. Posting real pictures of ourselves would be quite different.
Thumbnail MiriamRedesign.jpg December 11, 2005
361x713 (52846)
I've been wanting to re-design my mouse character Miriam for awhile, now. Probably at least a year! She is still going to have the same cream-colored fur, and white ventral (tummy) fur, but I wanted to make her hair shorter, just short of shoulder length, and make her hair a dishwater-blonde/golden brown color. I think she looks even cuter now! Miriam belongs to me.
Thumbnail JessieSkirt.jpg December 11, 2005
302x701 (54952)
Jessie the red fox lifts her skirt out of the way as she brushes her cheek. There's another vixen I don't draw enough of. Jessie belongs to me.
Thumbnail FoxLovin.jpg December 11, 2005
662x700 (103315)
This is an older sketch I decided to ink and color way earlier this year. Andrea the vixen has a little fun with some random todd fox.
Thumbnail EvamFucksTremmie.jpg December 11, 2005
625x700 (90483)
I actually pencilled this one way back in January. I've been a little busy with healing from a car accident in April, and a wedding in August. Lots of stuff going on, lots of organizing, planning, moving, more organizing, so that's why I haven't been updating too much lately. So anyway, here is Tremmie Vix with Evan the bunny. It looks like these two are having quite a bit of fun!
Thumbnail Debz.jpg December 11, 2005
607x948 (34773)
A sketchbook commission of a bat a drew for someone at Further Confusion.
Thumbnail Clarissa.jpg December 11, 2005
800x673 (111193)
Clarissa, of Pentmouse! You wouldn't know just by looking at my art, but I absolutely adore mice! I got into them well before I was interested in any other speices. Anyway, here she is having a little fun with herself. A pic of the Playmouse mascot, Melissa, to be coming soon! Clarissa belongs to Ixbalam.
Thumbnail ButterscotchAndCloverr.jpg December 11, 2005
508x631 (93044)
This is a commission I did for Butterscotch Vixen at MFF '05, for herself and her mate Cloverr. Aw, cute!
Thumbnail BunnehBabe.jpg December 11, 2005
402x700 (43499)
A bunny babe with a figure quite blessed, but not nearly so much as my buxom gal Bridget.

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