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  Todd-Little 57 1998-10-18 22:25:30-04
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Thumbnail elecrazy.jpg October 18, 1998
628x472 (87121)
Just a visualization of a song that seemed to fit. Most of these pics can be and are assosiated with some song
Thumbnail freesoul.jpg October 18, 1998
798x840 (116684)
TOG Finale #3, Caliph exorcises Fixate's will(s)power and the tenants are left hostless
Thumbnail fxhorsey.jpg October 18, 1998
932x772 (116239)
Bi to quad in .5 seconds It's a TOG standard, though Fixate hates the comfort of the weight distribution
Thumbnail plsmagun.jpg October 18, 1998
657x428 (43151)
The other blood donor pic
Thumbnail rxmenima.jpg October 18, 1998
690x590 (101222)
Oh, look Janet. Fixate has coffee, also.
Thumbnail noguns.jpg October 17, 1998
414x467 (31957)
No Desc, either.
Thumbnail muckrakr.jpg October 17, 1998
1068x554 (79763)
No Desc
Thumbnail redwine.jpg October 17, 1998
1094x492 (50163)
made back in July after first time giving blood, still can't remember the lyrics
Thumbnail dubltrbl.jpg October 11, 1998
540x420 (37857)
The game of Cat & Mouse, Silk style. Whana play?
Thumbnail buffet.jpg October 10, 1998
1459x726 (208266)
No Desc
Thumbnail compete.jpg October 10, 1998
420x650 (84575)
No Desc
Thumbnail yellapos.jpg October 10, 1998
840x1093 (192551)
No Desc
Thumbnail macgraph.jpg October 10, 1998
634x814 (119417)
Thumbnail sadyella.jpg October 10, 1998
240x410 (22299)
Thumbnail micro.jpg October 10, 1998
562x462 (52814)
This is as close to a sex-based pic as TOG will get. Wahahahaha.
Thumbnail yochucky.jpg October 9, 1998
930x646 (151650)
To anyone has yet to hear about it, Chucky somehow survived being pureed in the middle of a fair ground ands been given one of the stupidest sequel titles available. Of course, they also had to be PC about it, but hey, why fall short?
Thumbnail vaccuum.jpg September 5, 1998
746x626 (117988)
Fun with company equipment. Maybe it's the fact that there's an actual background, but as far as the pencil colored one's go, this pics the one I like best.
Thumbnail yvnsaint.jpg September 5, 1998
1085x840 (258299)
Take 2- Completely inspired by the song "Never Ever", by All Saints, we find Yvonne after reaching the breaking point and repenting to the Shepard. With the all too common law that good is always more powerful than evil, Yvonne inflicts personal distruction to all the characters stamped "evil".
Thumbnail yvonne.jpg September 4, 1998
727x872 (121193)
Yvonne's poster and a group picture of the original five characters. She's technically the only good (vs. evil, with Lastat being nutral) character in The Open Grave. I wish the art program I used to color this was laptop compatible. You just can't get an overall effect like this with pencils.
Thumbnail momday98.jpg September 4, 1998
820x1100 (149760)
I was unfortunately, too busy yesterday to make my mother a birthday card (i.e. I bought one instead), but I did make her one for Mother's Day months back. Yes, that is what she calls us in RL

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