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  Tiffany-Soto 19 1998-10-06 22:21:02-04
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Thumbnail ceny.jpg October 6, 1998
544x886 (103583)
Look, I tried my hand at a Centaur, and you know... I kinda like the way he turned out, conceptual sketch, will do another later.
Thumbnail femako.jpg October 6, 1998
500x533 (34894)
Female version of Mako, to be explained later >>
Thumbnail silk.jpg October 6, 1998
400x411 (59600)
Silk, my white skunk playing with butterflies, experiment with prisma colors.
Thumbnail tamera2.jpg October 6, 1998
568x600 (85159)
Tamera, the matching black swamp fox to Darrik, and a bit of lens flare action from a camera taking a picture of what they thought was an ordinary fox.
Thumbnail missy.jpg October 6, 1998
350x402 (96783)
The head of one of my shivae, Missy or Missile, the one that 'belongs' to Tira >:) This is another image done testing out prisma colors.
Thumbnail danie.jpg June 28, 1998
491x600 (76651)
Danie, the Golden Fox Huntress for whom the month of Danie is named for in Cyantian Fox society. She is the representation of endurance in the face of all dangers and problems. Danie is © to me and will appear in Vic's Journal at some point in the future as a written story.
Thumbnail sailor6.jpg June 22, 1998
521x750 (51710)
Erk, yes, it's a Sailor, better known as Sailor Zerithia and a comission. This is actually the first comission I'm getting paid to do and I think she's kinda cute.
Thumbnail catnel.jpg June 10, 1998
792x621 (109527)
Thumbnail jazz.jpg June 8, 1998
541x781 (60937)
Line drawing of Jazz, a Cyantian Koyoti like Ari, only a citydweller.
Thumbnail highway.jpg June 8, 1998
577x900 (107529)
Line drawing of Highway, an Avistarian Roadrunner. Also the name of a Roadrunner that we rescued off the highway, nursed back to health and now keeps our yard free of snakes.
Thumbnail devi.jpg June 8, 1998
691x900 (116751)
Line drawing of Devi, a Tasmanian Devil anthromorph and the only one of his kind created by the Cyantian Fox... my version of a Tasmanian Devil >
Thumbnail badbo.jpg June 8, 1998
704x724 (74213)
Line drawing of Bo, a Cyantian Rabbit, color image coming soon. There is more than one Bo though, cause it's a litter name among the Cyantian rabbits and you can have several kits going by the same name, this one just happens to be evil, and he's a white rabbit.
Thumbnail arizona.jpg June 8, 1998
436x900 (50366)
Simple line drawing of Ari, a cyantian Koyoti, color image coming soon.
Thumbnail wolf2.jpg June 5, 1998
326x450 (29007)
Flare's Master, Wolf a hybrid of many mixed sorts shows his displeasure at something.
Thumbnail rebound2.jpg June 5, 1998
763x750 (77378)
Rebound, the Red Cyantian Kangaroo in several poses and conceptual drawings.
Thumbnail flare.jpg June 5, 1998
366x692 (46009)
Flare, image done at Akon of an evil female fox cyantian.
Thumbnail syke3.jpg May 20, 1998
569x525 (35898)
No Desc
Thumbnail rebound.jpg March 31, 1998
482x675 (52627)
Thumbnail darrik.jpg March 31, 1998
531x750 (83509)
Darrik, a Cyantian Black Fox.

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