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  Thomas-K-Dye 25 1999-02-10 00:35:08-05
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Thumbnail bunnyktd.gif February 10, 1999
612x378 (70153)
Kevin and the Bunnykids! The Bunnykids are (c) Donald Brown.
Thumbnail tinyding.gif October 9, 1998
432x414 (13964)
Thumbnail atmavict.gif August 30, 1998
432x572 (54705)
Atmavictu, the coolest capybara on Yiffnet! (c) his player.
Thumbnail dingustd.gif August 30, 1998
648x401 (49069)
Dingus! A megacool furfolk with some great taste in comedy and music! (c) Dave Pratt.
Thumbnail fuzzytkd.gif August 30, 1998
504x527 (64532)
Fuzzybear, the hugaholic bear with a tail, engaged in a small demonstration. (c) Joel Butler.
Thumbnail kevcons.gif August 30, 1998
288x300 (21635)
Deconstructing Kevin.
Thumbnail wottaday.gif August 20, 1998
594x394 (50176)
The events of last Sunday, when Gene Catlow met Dingus, and we all (Fuzzybear included) had a good old time.
Thumbnail wolfytkd.gif August 20, 1998
377x576 (41761)
Wolfy from Yiffnet, who drew a very cool version of me.
Thumbnail melsk-td.gif July 25, 1998
504x603 (111045)
I was fortunate to meet Mel Skunk at AAC, so here she is! Mel Skunk is (c) Melissa Drake.
Thumbnail ffaward.gif July 25, 1998
594x497 (79754)
Gene receives the Fearsome Foursome's coveted Fake Arrow Through the Head Award. All characters are (c) their creators.
Thumbnail fearsome.gif July 20, 1998
539x539 (66025)
What was Trixi, Tet and I doing to poor Geners in Trixi's drawing? Welcoming him to the Fearsome Foursome! Er, hazing him, actually... heh...
Thumbnail kevaac1.gif June 26, 1998
540x519 (56500)
The first of many tales of meeting furs in preparation for AAC. Lindgold is (c) Grant Preston and a cool furson to boot.
Thumbnail pepetkd.gif June 26, 1998
576x437 (95108)
Happy Birthday, Pepe Val Pew, (c) David Hopkins.
Thumbnail kassytkd.gif May 24, 1998
540x444 (51339)
Renata accepts Kassy's nice gift the only way she can. Kassy (c) Colleen Phillips.
Thumbnail srbktkd.GIF May 24, 1998
504x598 (71046)
Squee Rat and Bad Karma just chillin' and hangin'... Squee Rat is (c) Charla Trotman and Bad Karma is (c) Jason Lamey.
Thumbnail telbertd.gif May 24, 1998
576x449 (70949)
Telbert, the cool skunkmotive who sent me a very nice gift by way of Gene. Telbert (c) his player.
Thumbnail profbtkd.GIF May 16, 1998
522x737 (132225)
Professor Badgerton, (c) Clifford Lieder.
Thumbnail rackidtd.GIF May 16, 1998
504x313 (51953)
The Raccoon Kids! (c) Albert Temple.
Thumbnail rudyferr.GIF May 16, 1998
576x397 (49153)
Rudy! (c) Diosden Rodriguez, and Ferris! (c) Thomas K. Dye.
Thumbnail siriustd.gif May 16, 1998
360x502 (38130)
Sirius! (c) Katie Cotton.

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