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  Style-Wager 66 2000-11-25 08:48:53-05
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Thumbnail Delac~53.jpg February 13, 2002
844x609 (160316)
Dela is being hunted by the media: "The Peabow Werewolf Project"
Thumbnail valentine.jpg February 13, 2002
683x576 (84995)
Dela and her significant other celebrate the holiday in private...
Thumbnail Delac~52.jpg December 16, 2001
849x605 (179466)
Meeting new people
Thumbnail dthyear4.jpg December 8, 2001
290x360 (44978)
Thumbnail eddance.gif November 2, 2001
360x507 (111285)
Thumbnail DelaC~51.jpg November 2, 2001
852x607 (145859)
Thumbnail DelaC~50.jpg June 14, 2001
846x611 (195427)
Don Henley, McD's, and other strangeness...
Thumbnail DELABUN.jpg April 15, 2001
810x607 (147711)
Easter fun
Thumbnail DelaC~49.jpg April 13, 2001
855x608 (186290)
"The Trial of Dr. Zap". Ever get the feeling that someone was out to get you? Dr Zap's paranoia is justified as Bruno the Bandit, Mary Husky, and Watsabi the Pimp Ninja burst on him!
Thumbnail Delac~48.jpg March 23, 2001
851x607 (144967)
"The Trial of Dr. Zap" continues! Jump drives, trans-dimensional warps, techno-ninja, and other things that just want to make you puke.
Thumbnail Delac~47.jpg February 9, 2001
855x605 (157449)
Valentine's Day, as celebrated on two different worlds.
Thumbnail DelaC~45.jpg February 5, 2001
846x603 (139568)
Christmas cartoon. Edith decides to be extra nice by being extra naughty...
Thumbnail Delac~46.jpg February 5, 2001
846x612 (153977)
Millie's secret reveiled, from the "Trial of Dr. Zap"
Thumbnail Delac44.jpg November 25, 2000
858x607 (167724)
Lost in the plot? Here's a Guide!
Thumbnail goblins.gif November 4, 2000
427x191 (25876)
An excerpt from "Dela the Hooda: Wrong Side of Town". Back on Dela's homeworld, humanity shares it with a few other races, including a race of gray skinned, fanged hominids who like to keep really big (Dire) wolves as companions...
Thumbnail DelaC~43.jpg October 30, 2000
855x603 (225957)
Why they always put elections so close to Halloween...
Thumbnail Edith-pr.gif October 25, 2000
928x578 (69808)
Edith Character Profile
Thumbnail DELAC42.jpg October 5, 2000
846x605 (190488)
Edith may have left Peabow, but she hasn't been forgotten.
Thumbnail DelaC41.jpg September 5, 2000
852x611 (178334)
Has Earl Stanowski gone over the deep end as far as his family is concerned? Is Edith leaving Peabow for good? Is it possible to find a good, low fat plate of Poutine? Tune in for the answers to this and other mindless questions...
Thumbnail scrooge.gif September 5, 2000
323x597 (11164)
In memory of Carl Barks, the Great Duckman

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