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  Steve-Corbett 34 2000-10-22 15:49:01-04
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Thumbnail boxOtrouble.jpg December 1, 2005
473x600 (157918)
Trouble, from Kittiara's series of stories in a typical situation.
Thumbnail nb2.jpg November 15, 2005
600x768 (139628)
More old art.
Thumbnail haremtigress.jpg November 6, 2005
600x779 (281067)
Another old pic...Harem tigress.
Thumbnail raamah2.jpg November 6, 2005
700x549 (65899)
Old art- Yes, I draw sexy males too....
Thumbnail bentbail.jpg October 31, 2005
700x512 (65401)
Baillie the otter having fun her way
Thumbnail coralsnakefemme.jpg October 9, 2002
650x500 (73363)
A bit different from my usual offering- a coral snake morph. Shs is a true reptile- no breats, no hair, and has her fangs and venom glands. Its up on furbid right now, but I'm not sure it will sell. It was a stange inspiration, and I'm not sure I will do any more like it.
Thumbnail gazellecolor.jpg August 20, 2002
500x655 (51083)
A gazelle chick I did up a little while ago.
Thumbnail badgerchick.jpg August 20, 2002
657x500 (51806)
Can't believe I never drew a female north american badger before now.... But here she is.
Thumbnail FFScoverimage.jpg August 11, 2002
458x700 (93720)
This is the cover art for the next issue of Fantastic Furry Stories from Shanda Fantasy Arts. The characters are Brock Hoagland's Hanno the mouse mage, and Loris, the leopardess warrior, who are debuting for the first time in this issue. Shown in a typical situation for those two, this pic had me tearing my hair out for weeks trying to get it right, and I think I could have done a better layout. But I was running out of time, with a hard deadline approaching, so went with this one. I feel I did pretty good on it anyway, despite having to rush at the last minute. -Badger-
Thumbnail dragonbabe.jpg May 16, 2002
789x600 (82503)
A dragon femme. I wouldn't do mythologicals for a long time- old story. Doing a few now.
Thumbnail batmoon.jpg May 16, 2002
600x782 (110701)
A bat in the moonlight... What, you think I could come up with something more?
Thumbnail otter2.jpg March 28, 2001
600x783 (214533)
The bondage otter girl returns!
Thumbnail poniatowski.jpg March 28, 2001
600x825 (120337)
Prince poniatowski! From Black and silver.
Thumbnail dragoon.jpg March 28, 2001
600x825 (98351)
A dragoon trooper from Black and silver.
Thumbnail marakesh1.jpg March 28, 2001
600x770 (278243)
Marakesh, A harem slave from a series I am working on.
Thumbnail hollun.jpg March 28, 2001
600x786 (239193)
Holly Badger! This is how she was first intended- as a character from my series "Black and silver."
Thumbnail bd3.jpg January 16, 2001
600x825 (156211)
A skunkette in bondage. (Don't worry- she's not in any distress.) Its her personal kink....
Thumbnail bd4.jpg January 16, 2001
600x825 (160169)
Yes, its a butt.
Thumbnail boncoon.jpg January 16, 2001
600x825 (131101)
A raccoon chained to a pole, for fun and games. I don't know if bondage art is permissable here- and will just have to trust that Harik will let me know if it is not.
Thumbnail kitgenet.jpg January 16, 2001
600x825 (73692)
A commission of Kat Johnson's genet character.

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