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  Stephanie-Ratte 335 1999-10-31 15:45:21-05
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Thumbnail Halloween99.jpg October 31, 1999
606x786 (138367)
Happy Halloween, everybody, from the Witches and SLW Productions! =) All are © 1999 to me.
Thumbnail SDKain99.jpg August 28, 1999
444x669 (94967)
The Almighty Sir Kain in my Superdeformity Style. This was a birthday pic, but he never saw it, cause I lost his e-mail =( I like this one! It turned out great! Kain © 1999 E. Goodwin.
Thumbnail ZoriHugsDW.jpg August 28, 1999
495x662 (87637)
Pic two of two for an Art exchange with Zori. Here`s a pic of Zori hugging DW! yay! I had problems drawing the legs, hence why they have none. It looks like Zori`s giving DW the Heimlech. Oy. Zori © 1999 to M. Bellamy; DW © to Disney.
Thumbnail ZoriDress.jpg August 28, 1999
570x767 (149103)
Pic one of two for a pic exchange with Zori. I really like how this pic came out. It`s a pic of Zori in a dress! Yay! Her arms are too long tho =p Zori © 1999 to M. Bellamy
Thumbnail BdayCyber99.jpg August 28, 1999
463x730 (84066)
Here`s a birthday pic for the wonderful Cyber the Hare! Happy birthday Cyber! She`s © 1999 to L. Alvizio.
Thumbnail DWpics4.jpg July 15, 1999
386x380 (29007)
Just a random Sketchy-Doodle(tm) of Darkwing Duck(tm) =p =) I like this one. DWD is © to Disney.
Thumbnail Zoey01.jpg July 15, 1999
295x667 (63263)
Akk! What happened to Zack? Well, this is Zoey, Zack`s female counterpart! Hee hee! I like this one. It turned out nice. Zaqck/Zoey © 1999 to Dave Lurie.
Thumbnail SoHappy02.jpg July 15, 1999
496x601 (88712)
Hee hee! And look! It`s Noah saying one of my favourite Freakazoid! (tm) phrases! Hee hee! He`s silly! NP © 1999 to me.
Thumbnail SoHappy01.jpg July 15, 1999
519x599 (121953)
Hi there! It`s been awhile, huh? Anyway, here`s a pic of me having a great day =) hee hee! Ratty © 1999 to me.
Thumbnail EWJ01.jpg June 6, 1999
340x407 (42575)
You guys like Earthworm Jim? I like Earthworm Jim. Here's a pic of EWJ`s head. Yup. EWJ © 1999 Shiney Ent.
Thumbnail AdmitIt.jpg June 6, 1999
581x550 (80628)
Hey There! It`s been a long time, I know. Anyway, Here is a cute pic of Vivian bugging Rage. She won`t get off him until he admits he likes Aleisha... hee hee! The original went to Jess. Oh, and she did the wonderful computer-coloured BG. Thanks Jess! Both are © 1999 J. Ratté
Thumbnail NPAngel6.jpg May 2, 1999
415x613 (78315)
Here's a nice pic of Noah as an angel. I really like how this turned out. NP is © 1999 to me.
Thumbnail UniformRat01.jpg May 2, 1999
370x665 (75605)
Here's a pic of Ratty in a Sailor School Girl Uniform. I like this one, but I think I made the colours too dark. Ah well. Ratty © 1999 to me.
Thumbnail ArakCard01.jpg May 1, 1999
460x710 (80994)
Araknya for my 1999 Character Card Set. I really like how this one turned out. Araknya © J. Ratté.
Thumbnail DexterCard01.jpg May 1, 1999
460x710 (63294)
Here's Dexter the Dog for my 1999 Character Card Set. Dexter is so adorable in this picture. Hee hee. I like his dog tag. "Arf". Hee hee! Dex is © 1999 to J. Ratté.
Thumbnail FlickCard01.jpg May 1, 1999
348x535 (49558)
Flick for my 1999 Character Card Set. Flick looks a bit stupid in this pic, but it's still okay. Flick © 1999 to me.
Thumbnail WitchesCard01.jpg May 1, 1999
560x610 (85676)
Here's The Witches for my 1999 Character Card Set. In order, left to right -- Fate Herself, Graymalkin, and grumpy ol' Hecate. I had little bit o' problems with the chisel FX , so the cats look a bit fuzzy. They are all © 1999 to me.
Thumbnail SheKat01.jpg April 25, 1999
509x648 (90972)
For the nice pic she did for me, here's my pic of Felina for her! Thanks!! Felina © 1999 her player.
Thumbnail CallistaSK.jpg April 25, 1999
391x820 (123985)
My half of a pic exchange for Callista SK. She is such an awesome artist. Cal is © 1999 to her player.
Thumbnail RatNoah01.jpg April 25, 1999
474x499 (85547)
This picture had a point at one time... I don't remember what it was anymore... Anyway, here's Ratty and Noah. Both are © 1999 to me.

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