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  Sean-O-Hare 61 1999-05-20 17:59:30-04
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Thumbnail this-is.jpg May 20, 1999
770x504 (81537)
A public service announcement for those of you who think restoring a car is a snap.
Thumbnail Swank.jpg May 20, 1999
762x378 (82496)
I recently bought a 1940 Pontiac Deluxe to restore, hopefully it will turn out as cool as the picture makes it look.
Thumbnail Trani6.jpg May 20, 1999
205x392 (25703)
Tranixis Rinet in a rather bashful pose, drawn on scratch paper
Thumbnail Vinny.jpg May 20, 1999
750x667 (128559)
Some gangster fox in a shoot out. Everyone says that this scene reminds them of a differnet movie, what does it remind you of?
Thumbnail dancin.jpg May 20, 1999
595x836 (83135)
This is the first time I tried coloring a fox using orange instead of brown. Although the scan is a little washed out, I think it still turned out ok.
Thumbnail cheese.jpg January 18, 1999
332x346 (33708)
Behold the power of cheese!!
Thumbnail bored.jpg January 18, 1999
289x315 (28589)
I didn't know what to draw, and I was bored, so....
Thumbnail SPYvsSPY.jpg January 18, 1999
329x677 (35469)
This just explains itself.
Thumbnail tap-col.jpg January 18, 1999
478x754 (65179)
Nauv, happily displaying a T-shirt for the Yiff! soda company...
Thumbnail 2the9s-col.jpg January 18, 1999
729x766 (134505)
Me and Kamika-z's character Gregg, all dressed up and ready for a night on the town!
Thumbnail aqua-mosh.jpg October 29, 1998
787x778 (273611)
The Mosh pit at an Aquabats concert I went to recently.
Thumbnail batfox.jpg October 29, 1998
325x600 (56404)
A friend said, if you just carrry around a bat, people will leave you alone...
Thumbnail coatfox.jpg October 29, 1998
368x552 (58974)
A sketch of a fox in a trenchcoat
Thumbnail knight.jpg October 29, 1998
454x770 (122341)
A nifty knight dragon, drawn during history class
Thumbnail Dune4.jpg October 29, 1998
450x804 (96302)
The last in my series of pictures based on Dune.
Thumbnail skankfox.jpg September 29, 1998
575x586 (93873)
A cool skankin fox guy. Check out his cool checkered pants!
Thumbnail Dune3.jpg September 29, 1998
311x616 (39901)
A series of characters from Dune. This one is the baron.
Thumbnail Dune2.jpg September 29, 1998
311x616 (63687)
A series of characters from Dune. The doctor.
Thumbnail Dune1.jpg September 29, 1998
394x685 (74783)
A series of characters from Dune. This one is a Mentat master of assassins.
Thumbnail hell.jpg September 29, 1998
697x731 (171130)

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