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  Scotty 15 2000-10-14 06:58:38-04
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Thumbnail Vulpy_Vixen.jpg November 5, 2001
513x550 (109817)
Comments, or anything?
Thumbnail Scotty_Zebra.jpg November 5, 2001
356x550 (55568)
Comments, or anything?
Thumbnail Long_Winded_Ride.jpg November 5, 2001
500x500 (101650)
My goodness, it has been quite a while since my last posting. The years old stuff in my directory vexed me.. it had to be purged. mostly. :)
Thumbnail Latexy_Pine.jpg November 5, 2001
439x580 (100609)
Comments, or anything?
Thumbnail cass_stage1.jpg November 5, 2001
600x604 (117309)
Cassandra. Sort of. :)
Thumbnail allout.gif November 5, 2001
800x600 (111477)
Comments, or anything?
Thumbnail csaddict5324.jpg October 14, 2000
494x640 (110934)
Counterstrike - Its very name breathes fear into.. well, me. Cause I know I'll be playing it until ungodly hours of the night, day, and then back again. Someone help! Thanks CS, Best game "ever." Scotty (C) S. Robertson, Counterstrike (C) Gooseman.
Thumbnail beta1_hehe.jpg July 30, 2000
787x660 (32581)
ScottyFox 2000, eh? Featuring elements from Dave Hopkins RTD, but you'll have to look closely. sorta. (C) to those appropriate. Questions? Comments? email me, at or check out
Thumbnail scotppms.jpg October 17, 1998
512x386 (58790)
Shameless ad.. I wont post any more of these, since their just screenshots of what I've done for a game called quake.. visit the page for more info/downloads =)
Thumbnail gmscotrun.gif September 14, 1998
273x231 (57363)
Thumbnail strflet3.jpg February 21, 1998
247x345 (34134)
Another in the series, my old friend neuget.. Commander eh?
Thumbnail strflet1.jpg February 21, 1998
341x515 (44487)
Moi, in a Star fleet uniform. Of course!.. hehe 2001: These are so painful for me to look at, and yet, I must save them for posterity!
Thumbnail thinkn.jpg February 16, 1998
492x448 (36418)
I'm just thinking, really. I spend a lot of my time listening to and helping other peoples problems. now.. nevermind.
Thumbnail DrawGene.jpg February 14, 1998
397x292 (32245)
With all this Gene Catlow-Drawing on the SCFA.. I thought I'd pitch in, so I'm working on a special 3d model. I dont know him, he doesnt know me.. But perhaps that may change someday
Thumbnail 3dscot1.jpg October 20, 1997
208x456 (13406)

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