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  Sam 30 2000-12-01 17:03:37-05
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Thumbnail lontrinojacare.jpg October 4, 2001
762x568 (78943)
there are my new cartoon personages.
Please send your comments to me:
Thumbnail bunnybuster.jpg September 26, 2001
327x788 (230813)
The first prize of the hunting.Run or you lost her. Send your comments to me:
Thumbnail catsanddogs.jpg June 26, 2001
885x655 (321959)
DO you like pets? Me too. Expecially that's.
Please send your e-mails to me:
Thumbnail rescuedolphin01.jpg April 19, 2001
717x330 (36650)
A noble animal in a noble mission.
Olease send your comments to me:
Thumbnail HASHURA01.jpg March 13, 2001
616x977 (118761)
This is the man, alias the "lion" who destroied and killed the shadow kitty's family. Please send your comments to me:
Thumbnail FLEAS.jpg February 23, 2001
1113x506 (59999)
Hello there! This is a small part from collection of fleas.Whait for more or not. And tanks everybody for your e-mails im answer all(gulp!). Send your e-mails to me:
Thumbnail werewolf.jpg February 13, 2001
472x472 (170918)
Hello there! This is my connception from a werewolf. But I need ideas from others images please send your sujestions for me:
Thumbnail shadowkittymemories.jpg February 8, 2001
400x400 (27321)
the image from Shadowkitty's tragic past please send your comments to me:
Thumbnail vamphunter-1acat.jpg January 17, 2001
1359x1186 (429484)
This is my first figure from Lacat a vampire who hunts others vampires. Please send your commentes to me:
Thumbnail dragon1.jpg December 1, 2000
1209x991 (129476)
Thumbnail shadowcathalloween1.jpg September 30, 2000
512x484 (153893)
Well! Happy halloween for you are. Please send your comments to me:
Thumbnail shadowkittyadventure_1.jpg August 28, 2000
696x542 (263383)
this is my scketh from the first Shadow Kitty adventure please send your comments to:

Thumbnail sniper01.jpg August 17, 2000
464x628 (51064)
She's beauty but has no name you're help-me? Please sende your sugestions to me:
Thumbnail commandtigerproject1.jpg August 16, 2000
689x693 (47663)
I like to use marker pens in studies of desing.
Please send your comments to
Thumbnail cheetah-1b.jpg July 28, 2000
787x548 (86481)
Well "go the rings stay the finger's" but not in that
case. Please send your comments to me:
Thumbnail meneater-01a.jpg July 18, 2000
1453x504 (52131)
The dangerous mix of a kitty and shark. But very delicious. Please send your e-mails for me:
Thumbnail skylinx1.jpg July 13, 2000
589x709 (50489)
she's my version of "Top Gun".
Thumbnail cat-fish.jpg June 1, 2000
591x827 (69225)
Place your description here
Thumbnail angelcat_03.jpg May 29, 2000
847x866 (91145)
This is my first image from angelcat please send your comments to me
Thumbnail toad02.jpg May 25, 2000
405x850 (19784)
This is my "Theodore Mc Toad", one of much more amphibious of comming soon.

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