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  Robert-Serocki 23 2000-08-17 21:27:39-04
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Thumbnail takashi.jpg March 28, 2003
680x723 (61355)
It\'s Takashi, the Lightbringer Kitsune.
Thumbnail heidi-babbles.jpg March 18, 2003
706x777 (124605)
Babbles the pink bunny and Heidi the 'gyaru' (not 'garou') kitsuneko. I don't know what the background is supposed to be anymore, except I had some idea those words are supposed to be neon. Thanks to Ken Singshow for transliteration information.
Thumbnail babbles-again.jpg March 5, 2003
365x778 (58299)
This is a corrected version of a file that I uploaded and removed a couple days ago. I don\'t truly know if Babbles is supposed to be a rabbit or a hare, although one might say this looks like no earthly rabbit or hare. A mostly pink, long-eared entity in a swimsuit.
Thumbnail rs-sue-chan.jpg October 18, 2001
644x690 (91587)
Thumbnail delilah.jpg July 24, 2001
653x700 (67107)
I was asked to draw Delilah Jackal and then had to go by memory since I lost some email and the character's owner dropped out of contact. I did eventually find other depictions. Here she is without any jewelry.
Thumbnail fairygodmoms.jpg July 18, 2001
732x644 (72145)
This was shown in a powerpoint presentation at UCLA and is supposed to represent some chancellors making a problem go away.
Thumbnail a-sidewalk.jpg May 23, 2001
717x758 (138926)
It's a 'furry' walking down the sidewalk. The character and tree outline were sketched in pencil and scanned before photoshop got ahold of it (in case you were curious).The 'a' in the filename is short for 'Amanda'.
Thumbnail martin.jpg April 12, 2001
476x649 (67055)
Thumbnail gamestuff.jpg January 18, 2001
369x311 (44468)
A compilation of a few images from a game I've been coding/animating etc. for a long time. I used images of sarcophogi and coffins at for reference with permission. The lower right image occurs after a cartoon 'BONK' cloud, the result of the cat not paying attention to what's in its way.
Thumbnail lightwing2.jpg August 17, 2000
384x539 (15907)
faerie mouse...
Thumbnail rs-babbles.jpg August 2, 2000
406x673 (38413)
Experimental colored pencils drawing of Babbles the Bunny, holding some daisies.
Thumbnail rs-confusion.gif May 30, 1999
440x409 (5883)
A trio of confused creatures.
Thumbnail rs-game.gif January 30, 1999
724x548 (71672)
The premise is that the guy on the left explored his way into an "ancient Egyptian tomb/whatever" and the thing he disturbed somehow got him to play a game. So they're betting a camera versus a piece of jewelry.
Thumbnail rs-sun-ching.gif January 2, 1999
706x922 (128512)
Well, I tried. This is an interpretation, with some artistic license, of the dragon princess Sun-Ching from FurryMUCK. I tried her arms in so many positions that the drawing resembled a cute, vaguely reptilian Shiva at one point.
Thumbnail rs-coyo.gif December 16, 1998
558x391 (51740)
My friend Coyo (residing on FurryMUCK & Furtoonia) talked about how his job was going and made a statement about being through fighting his (software development) tools.
Thumbnail rs-sleeping.gif November 29, 1998
781x473 (47614)
Sleeping rabbit guy among nastursiums.
Thumbnail rs-jazzed.gif October 18, 1998
796x558 (52388)
It's supposed to be someone drinking coffee at a computer.
Thumbnail rs-werewolf.gif September 29, 1998
825x1169 (189852)
It's an anthro wolf guy deliving the deadpan punchline to a silly joke. For some reason, I chose to draw this rather than other ideas percolating around in my mind.
Thumbnail rs-blueberry.gif August 28, 1998
578x978 (57381)
It's Blueberry the rabbit from FurryMUCK, in living color!
Thumbnail rs-contemplation.jpg July 22, 1998
471x690 (63629)
It's a raccoon-thing with gear patterns in its fur, looking at a gear and thinking about itself. One of my brothers thought they looked like sprockets, so the name Sprocket Raccoon came to mind. What is his real name? None shall ever know (maybe)!

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