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  Richard-Bartrop 14 1998-06-11 13:37:28-04
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Thumbnail anubis.jpg April 27, 2005
927x600 (137106)
It is an unwritten rule that every anthro artist must do at least one Anubis pic. Photoshop. Prints came purchased at
Thumbnail beachwolf.jpg August 15, 2004
618x800 (118523)
A greyscale version appeared in the 2003 issue of Hit the Beach. Colour prints can be purchased at
Thumbnail Syook.gif July 25, 2004
418x600 (31672)
Commission. Digital ink over pencil sketch.
Thumbnail werecrouchinked.gif November 5, 2003
452x650 (39661)
An attempt at digital inking. Photoshop over pencil sketch.
Thumbnail greystretch.gif September 26, 2003
457x600 (18310)
From the sketchbook. Figure study of Grey. Pencil
Thumbnail Vix2.gif June 16, 2003
561x800 (43811)
Gratuitous vixen cheesecake. Pencil sketch
Thumbnail violette.jpg May 8, 2003
719x1000 (162330)
Inpired by a discussion of the work of Sorayama. Older piece, with the colour balanced tweaked to make it more viewable. Done in Photoshop, with a tablet.
Thumbnail rb-nametag.jpg August 10, 2002
678x500 (80850)
Lord Grey, dealing with hostiles. Nametag for C-Ace, executed in Photoshop.
Thumbnail barbfox.JPG August 3, 2002
437x600 (73245)
Inspired by a pic by Megan Giles, and some sketches by Boris Vallejo.
Thumbnail greenvixen.jpg February 8, 2002
388x600 (84363)
Alien warrior vixen, inspired by too much old Trek, and cheesy 50's sci-fi. Photoshop. Prints available from Rabbit Valley at
Thumbnail Roxanna.JPG January 22, 2002
405x600 (54343)
Richard Foley's character. Part of an art trade. Prints available from Rabbit Valley at
Thumbnail melonny.jpg December 20, 2001
388x600 (57168)
A more finished version of one of my earlier digital pieces. Photoshop painting over a pencil sketch. Prints available from Rabbit Valley at
Thumbnail greymodl.jpg June 11, 1998
713x706 (36871)
Cast in resin from a master sculpted in Milliput. The figure is 4 1/2 inches high. Grey is © Richard Bartrop.
Thumbnail VIXY2.JPG June 11, 1998
600x1044 (121963)
A portrait of a good friend, and Grey's mate on FurrySpace. Line art inked with a brush, then scanned, and coloured with Photoshop. Art ©Richard Bartrop, Vixy ©Her player.

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