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  Rhodin 114 1999-05-27 10:38:29-04
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Thumbnail web-avian01a.jpg February 6, 2003
600x443 (80543)
A sketch I came across and decided to use as practice for colouring in Photoshop. Also a rare attempt at an avian, albeit a fairly generic one.
Thumbnail web-Dracolin01.jpg November 11, 2002
630x413 (84495)
Some dragons are harder to draw than others, and Dracolin didn't make it easy. But this was fun, and a good chance for me to practice colouring with my tablet.
Thumbnail web-T-Storm_and_Panther01.gif November 7, 2002
640x333 (54302)
A bit of silliness I did out of boredom. I normally abhor anything cute.
Thumbnail web_SueZombie.jpg November 7, 2001
451x600 (98918)
An idea given to me by KamiKitty that I've finally followed through on. Hee hee. Undead.
Thumbnail web_FurServ01a.jpg November 7, 2001
579x600 (74049)
Blueprints to the bot of YiffNet's #SoftPaws. Just a tentative idea, really. Although I do want to start a collection based on people's perceptions of the bot.
Thumbnail web_Rhodin06a.jpg November 7, 2001
294x500 (42589)
A small self-portrait. I think this is the most accurate one I've done thus far. I guess I'm just a hard bugger to draw.
Thumbnail web_panda01.jpg September 30, 2001
423x600 (73370)
A second attempt at a larger frame. This one with a nice, fuzzy belly.
Thumbnail web_roar.jpg September 30, 2001
353x600 (52364)
Random male feline. An attempt at doing a larger body frame.
Thumbnail web_Wastrel01.jpg September 30, 2001
412x600 (97774)
A spontaneous pic of a fur I've meant to draw for a long time.
Thumbnail web_alinsa01.jpg September 30, 2001
413x600 (53953)
One of hopefully many pictures of this vixen.
Thumbnail web-Lym01.jpg April 16, 2001
445x600 (57353)
First pic after a _long_ break. And a second first: partial nudity. A rarity, since I dislike how nudity is treated normally. Enjoy! :)
Thumbnail web_jen1.jpg May 27, 1999
467x600 (111547)
A commissioned pencil drawing from Jenifur.
Thumbnail web_drk1.jpg May 19, 1999
431x600 (121504)
A birthday gift for Darkie, 1999.
Thumbnail web_rho5.jpg April 15, 1999
419x600 (81719)
Only partially a furry pic, but it's enough, right? And also one of the few of me.
Thumbnail web_rni1.jpg March 23, 1999
458x600 (61600)
A request by Harik done as a favour.
Thumbnail web_igo1.jpg March 4, 1999
400x519 (56647)
A commission for someone from FurryMuck.
Thumbnail web_oce.jpg March 3, 1999
446x600 (68288)
A birthday gift for oCeLoT (1999).
Thumbnail web_lrn1.jpg March 2, 1999
461x600 (61123)
An old sketch of Loran I dug up. I love to hide in his tail. =D
Thumbnail web_kev1.jpg March 2, 1999
446x600 (54230)
A surprise pic for Kev! =)
Thumbnail web_gna.jpg March 2, 1999
454x600 (74453)
A pic I did of Al and Guppy, both of whom do art I love. =)

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