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  Raymond-Eddy 121 2001-01-02 21:11:54-05
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Thumbnail Barnabe.GIF January 31, 2002
395x417 (35635)
Barnabe the panda fairy is full of his wonderfulness. Almost insufferably so.
Thumbnail Photog.JPG January 12, 2002
452x337 (42593)
Let Angel Bear get your good side.
Thumbnail page1.jpg January 2, 2002
646x1026 (150241)
Page 1 of my Bitter End comic. I hope to have it on Keenspace someday.
Thumbnail altxmas.jpg December 25, 2001
805x553 (92592)
The 2001 edition of the AltarSkunk Christmas picture. He decides, with my help, to visit the jolly gent up north.
Thumbnail carrybaby.jpg November 25, 2001
553x687 (70348)
Thumbnail hween01.jpg November 17, 2001
835x609 (83886)
Thumbnail uhowl.jpg August 15, 2001
610x371 (68235)
A pic for my front page, commemorationg my move to Columbus at the end of the month.
Thumbnail bigbear.jpg July 20, 2001
495x305 (64323)
BigBear's badge for Anthrocon. Medium: black ballpoint pen, colored pencils. © 2001 Michael Setzer
Thumbnail FlytoPhi.GIF July 17, 2001
319x316 (18822)
A transparent GIF from my homepage, where I tell what I plan on doing at Anthrocon.
Thumbnail jabez.jpg June 25, 2001
633x715 (119007)
Some magazines of ill repute say the Prayer of Jabez will make you filthy rich. Somehow I doubt that.
Thumbnail TVNews.GIF June 17, 2001
424x244 (29734)
I fully expect Anthrocon to be a Woodstock of sorts, with the media watching, even if only from the outside. What if they poked a microphone into my face?
Thumbnail RolBike.GIF May 31, 2001
289x311 (17306)
Drawing characters on bicycles is difficult for some reason. Maybe trying to proportion the bike to the character is hard.
Thumbnail grexjag.jpg March 7, 2001
631x915 (159055)
I have a slight addiction to baseball sims.
Thumbnail barepaw.jpg January 2, 2001
525x467 (88433)
Sebastian, Mr. Whiskergrinz himself, complements me on how handsome -- and barepawed -- I am.
Thumbnail Concert.JPG December 17, 2000
716x417 (103830)
The Christmas season brings Christmas concerts, performed by some very dedicated musicians. Like This one?
Thumbnail Robert.GIF November 28, 2000
220x326 (17446)
Robert, an alt of Sebastionen on FurryMUCK.
Thumbnail vervain.jpg November 22, 2000
319x322 (66764)
Vervain is a hippie black squirrel from FurryMUCK and SpinDizzy. (c) her player
Thumbnail kasta2.jpg October 31, 2000
534x527 (94946)
Kasta goes trick 'r' treating with AltarSkunk.
Thumbnail Kasta.GIF October 26, 2000
242x321 (16754)
Kasta, a scruffy red fox who hangs out at the Bitter End. A preliminary drawing to establish what he looks like before a commissioned drawing for all the marbles.
Thumbnail Maui.GIF October 26, 2000
294x271 (15536)
A picture of Maui Wowie that appears on my new Furry Prayer Reqest page.

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