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  Lilandra-Windstone 106 1999-11-20 20:57:16-05
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Thumbnail Lilpic54c.jpg November 20, 1999
550x1000 (179141)
A sketch I did of Lilly that Zack Colored for me! Look *points* he made my yucky piccie pretty! Isn't he good? ^_^ Thanxie Zackie *hugs*
Thumbnail Lilpic53.jpg November 13, 1999
500x561 (71616)
Its Lilly =p
Thumbnail zackpal2.jpg November 11, 1999
570x758 (65801)
This is a pic of Zack and Lilandra just hanging out. Its not a very good sketch, but I still like it..... Zack(c)David Lurie and Lilly(c)Me
Thumbnail Lilpic52.jpg November 11, 1999
500x608 (39671)
This is just a sketch of Lilly's new look, that I colored....Lilly(c)Me
Thumbnail Lilpic51.jpg November 11, 1999
450x545 (47056)
Ok this is Lilandra's new look. Yeah I changed her, she's now a White and blue foxie with long hair. The blue in this pic is a little to light, but oh well....Lilly(c)Me
Thumbnail zackpal1.jpg November 11, 1999
394x372 (29967)
This is a pic I did for Zack to thank him for being so nice to me when I was down...Zack(c) David Lurie and Lilly(c)me
Thumbnail lilxen2a.jpg November 11, 1999
500x538 (51161)
Just a pic of Lilandra and Xenobia....both(c) to me
Thumbnail mayww5.jpg July 9, 1999
368x850 (46837)
A pic of Maya Whitewood...Maya(c)Me
Thumbnail zoe10.jpg July 9, 1999
402x849 (55613)
A pic of Zoanna Starfire...Zoe(c)Me
Thumbnail felcor1.jpg July 9, 1999
625x600 (67870)
This is a pic of Felicity and Cora at the beach...both(c)me
Thumbnail felic5.jpg July 9, 1999
368x849 (42593)
This is a pic of Felicity...she's(c)to me
Thumbnail sergch1.gif April 14, 1999
475x500 (90096)
A pic of Marcy Jericko...Marcy(c)Serg
Thumbnail genapal1.jpg April 14, 1999
363x553 (43466)
A pic of Gen the Animefox...gen(c)himself
Thumbnail Bunych7.gif April 1, 1999
432x450 (99783)
A pic of Zori...Zori(c)Mary Bellamy
Thumbnail Cecilpal3.gif April 1, 1999
427x500 (75212)
A pic of Peachie...peachie(c)her player
Thumbnail panpal1.gif March 21, 1999
430x750 (188855)
A pic of Panthera..Panthera(c)herself
Thumbnail felpal1.jpg March 21, 1999
425x600 (69225)
A pic of Felix...Felix(c)himself
Thumbnail litapal1.gif March 17, 1999
407x500 (105305)
A pic of Lita Da Rabbit...Lita(c)herself
Thumbnail xen11.gif March 9, 1999
463x400 (109645)
Yet another pic of Xenobia...Xeno(c)Me
Thumbnail xen10.gif March 9, 1999
547x450 (64633)
another pic of Xenobia, I did this one in a different style... Xeno(c)Me

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