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  Kurt-Moller 132 2000-12-31 17:19:27-05
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Thumbnail jonwI_NewBow.jpg January 20, 2006
600x600 (54397)
New Bow. The elf was dead when we found him. I couldn't make heads nor tails of that piece of wood, but she figured out what it was for. I couldn't believe how fast she could drop the prey, nor the range she could hit them at.... Made my spear seem... obsolete.
Thumbnail jonwI_Christmas2005.jpg December 24, 2005
750x750 (191350)
Christmas Decorations - Merry Christmas, from my pride to yours
Thumbnail jonwI_Bathroomscale.jpg November 10, 2005
320x315 (22086)
The "shock and awe" portion of the "Battle of the Bulge". Think its best that I leave it at that....
Thumbnail jonwI_VanAnkat_Rose_R.gif October 27, 2005
234x713 (34513)
A picture with which to personalize electronic stationary, a trick taught to me by Todd Sutherland. Hope he gets some use out of it.
Thumbnail jonwI_NewRifle.jpg September 19, 2005
600x600 (63230)
New Rifle. Once it was just claw and fang, and that sufficed. Then the zebras came up with spears, and the Jackals learned the bow. For generations we kept to the old ways, but eventualy we had to "modernize". First flintlocks and then the Gewer 98 or the Lee Enfield. With a good scope, those met a skilled hunter's needs for several more generations. But when the Hyenas got AK-47's and the Cape Buffalo got that shipment of RPG-14's, we knew it was time, once again. Here one of the Pride's seniors tries out a new rifle. Will he be impressed?
Thumbnail jonwI_citymousestrut.jpg August 22, 2005
250x650 (18445)
Alternate background, for those who are more, ah, "urban"...
Thumbnail jonwI_Countrymousestrut.jpg August 22, 2005
250x650 (26649)
From a pose by Martin Gerlach. Dunno, maybe in honor of the Dukes of Hazard?
Thumbnail jonwI_ReadyAlert.jpg August 14, 2005
500x350 (28996)
Ready Alert. In the panama canal zone, in WW II, fighter squadrons were kept on ready alert, against a Japanese attack against the critical Panama canal. Pilots sat in the cockpits of their fighters, ready to go, day after day after day. Fortunately, there never was an attack. Never the less, the fighter pilots were there,and probably bored out of their gourds too. Here a fighter pilot sits "ready alert" at the station built to defend the critical Ka'hass jump gate, the route to Federation space.... Kudos to APIS, who does this sort of thing much better than I.
Thumbnail jonwI_spontoon01.jpg July 27, 2005
260x325 (20868)
Spontoon Island. I finally got around to reading some of Simon Barber's "Spontoon Island series, and thoroughly enjoyed them. Here's a small tribute; my Bali Hi Tigress doing the "Hula of the sunburned tourist" at the annual dance competition. In the background is a somewhat out of the time line Vought OS2U Kingfisher from about four years in the future. Maybe he's emerging from the Burmuda Triangle....
Thumbnail jonwI_OolaLop.jpg July 1, 2005
750x750 (54342)
Oola-Lop. This one's a little difficult to explain; as things built up to the release of Star Wars Episode III, I saw, on Renderosity, a prop by PhilC, for the Poser program; the slave girl that danced for Jabba the Hutt at the beginning of episode VI. Those fleshy... horns? Swung from her head as she danced, and somehow, I thought "lop". Here's my version of her as a lop-eared bunny. Why green? Well, ages ago, I read some fiction about a space patrol where one of the characters was an Ytt, a lepine-like being, only green. Green's a good color for an alien slave girl, don't you think? Green lop-eared Orion slave girls?
Thumbnail jonwI_Bored_pg.jpg March 16, 2005
350x350 (24359)
He's been waiting a long time. Not sure for what, but its obvious he's been there a while. Newspaper's read, soda's been drunk. Crossword puzzle's done, and still he waits....
Thumbnail jonwI_Mousechasepg.jpg March 12, 2005
625x450 (62995)
Flying above the rooftops on her skycycle, can she beat her friends to the beach. Do they really want to pull ahead and loose the marvelous view? And just why are they REALLY chasing her
Thumbnail jonwI_TroubleMiniaturePG.jpg February 11, 2005
213x320 (30882)
Done on a Dell Axim X50 PDA; working on a touch sensitive screen has some advantages over my graphics tablet, but it also has some problems. Still, its enough to make me want a tablet PC... Wonder if I can wear out the screen?
Thumbnail jonwI_XmasOnGuard.jpg December 18, 2004
753x753 (37593)
My thanks to all those that stand guard, to keep the rest of us safe, especially during the holidays. Merry Christmas!
Thumbnail jonwI_Christmas04.jpg December 10, 2004
753x753 (61278)
Merry Christmas to all!
Thumbnail jonwI_Thong07.jpg August 27, 2004
588x768 (128542)
Haven't done one of these in ages. Oh, and it IS a thong; trust me on that. I was there.....
Thumbnail jonwI_GrafenwehrGhosts_sm.jpg July 10, 2004
1024x338 (54767)
They've been training tankers at Grafenwehr, Germany, since the 1930's. Last I heard it was still in heavy use by NATO. Bound to be a few ghosts there...
Thumbnail jonwI_ZassaTease.jpg June 23, 2004
725x944 (76069)
Zassa of FurryMuck (and Kittiara's stories) being her usual teasing self. Thought I got the "come hither" look just right, but its obvious I'm still working on "red". Zassa used with permission.. Um.... she said I could draw and post pictures of her.. Oh, you know what I mean!
Thumbnail jonwI_SoldiersattheGate.jpg May 30, 2004
560x768 (89938)
Soldiers at the gate: This one will take some explanation, so bear with me; it was the Easter service, and my mind was obviously wandering. The youth were putting on a skit and without really thinking about it, I didn't have a clue what they were doing. Two teens in robes were pacing back and forth in agitation, and the announcer was saying "our Master is dead, and we thought they'd be coming for the rest of us. We were listening for the tread of soldiers at the garden gate"... OK, the first thing that flashed through my mind was "well, the first thing you do is put a couple of grenades over the garden wall.... THEN I figured out they were talking about Jesus' death, and the disciples fearing they were next... Oh. Ooops. Sorry, Lord.... This picture is what came to mind; completely inappropriate I'm afraid. Prismacolor markers and Derwent watercolor colored pencils
Thumbnail jonwI_WyldHareTease.jpg May 26, 2004
535x811 (103975)
Wyld Hare being her usual teasing self. Hmmmm. Might be the first PG picture I've ever done of her....

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