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  Kristin-Deeds 31 1999-11-05 20:37:11-05
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Thumbnail silver_fox_color2.jpg July 1, 2003
363x744 (101339)
but...this IS me... >8]
Thumbnail silver_fox_color.jpg February 25, 2003
338x663 (67831)
My silver fox character, and I went lighter on the greys this time. She's supposed to have strawberry-blond hair, but trying to find a flat color to match that shade is not that easy. This is also the extent of my photoshop skills. *wants graphic tablet* My email:
Thumbnail pose1_finished.jpg December 16, 2002
433x580 (123651)
Commissioner also liked the original sketch of this one. I fixed up some anatomical issues on her (I used myself and a digital camera), but you know what? I think the original pose looked better, but I couldn't bend my body into that position. Oh well...11x14 watercolor and colored pencil. Hmmmmmm....layeerrrss... *homer-drool*
Thumbnail silver2.jpg December 16, 2002
373x455 (51448)
Naked silver fox fem. What is she doing? Walking and punching herself in the face (kidding about that last part). I forget the original size of this one too. But it was done in watercolor and mostly colored pencil. Gee I wish REAL boobs could be that perky...
Thumbnail mage_finished.jpg December 16, 2002
428x524 (71615)
My commissioner liked the inked version and wanted it here it is. 11x14 watercolor and colored pencil.
Thumbnail coyote.jpg December 16, 2002
399x433 (65950)
A coyote morph. I forget what the original size was cause it sold on furbid. watercolor and colored pencil.
Thumbnail Foxote.jpg December 16, 2002
472x545 (156184)
Foxote leaning against a wall looking all cool. (C) is player. Commissioned. 11x14 watercolor, colored pencil, and acrylic.
Thumbnail sketch_finished2.jpg November 18, 2002
495x630 (60427)
Commissioned. A female dark elf character who is the personality of bad luck. She is smug, vain, and very confident. Her dress includes a "less is more theory." Pictured here as a show-girl type. Yes, those are dragonfly wings. 11x14 detailed pencil. Character is copyright to J.Krolak.
Thumbnail pose2_finished.jpg November 18, 2002
435x524 (67567)
Originally I drew the picture and the piece rested in my archives until someone commissioned me to color her. I fixed up some of the anatomy and colored it! 11x14 watercolor and colored pencil.
Thumbnail free1.jpg November 18, 2002
666x369 (111911)
A vision in my head that I put to paper. Original sold on furbid. watercolor and colored pencil.
Thumbnail phoenix_graphic_color2.jpg November 18, 2002
193x450 (46311)
Phoenix graphic for my website. This one was fun to ink :] Colored in photoshop--nothing special. I'm not used to digital coloring anyway.
Thumbnail digi_finished.jpg November 18, 2002
422x561 (112419)
Commissioned. Digi-foxaroo atop his battlebot the CUAD. 11x14 watercolor and colored pencil.
Thumbnail BOXER2.jpg June 2, 1999
291x542 (29000)
An anthro boxer dog. I don't think I'd want to mess with this guy. . .
Thumbnail OCELOTs.jpg May 30, 1999
478x539 (42819)
Male ocelot just lying around.
Thumbnail STARs.jpg May 30, 1999
506x556 (80985)
Star D. A nice friend I bumped into on the net.
Thumbnail DEERs.jpg May 30, 1999
316x483 (41093)
Here's something you won't see me draw very often.
Thumbnail CARUSOs.jpg May 30, 1999
551x614 (91642)
Some nasty-looking character I came up with a while ago.
Thumbnail ANDYs.jpg May 30, 1999
300x608 (34186)
Andy, someone I furryfied.
Thumbnail Starw.jpg February 8, 1999
598x827 (92655)
A sketch of a commission piece to be finished sometime in the...uh, near future I guess.
Thumbnail BECKY2.JPG November 22, 1998
567x678 (42647)
Another person I furryfied.

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