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  Killrez 10 1998-11-08 15:23:00-05
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Thumbnail k-jazz8.jpg November 8, 1998
305x384 (40575)
Last pic of jazz I have made to this date, as I said he is prone to just up and alter his form a little... or alot in this case, one of his occasionaly used morphs.
Thumbnail k-jazz7.jpg November 8, 1998
453x390 (42541)
How can one live in FM and not have a truly morphic form. So here jazz is with his, one of the benifits to being composed of pure energy.
Thumbnail k-jazz6.jpg November 8, 1998
268x272 (35576)
A shot I simply must toy with further... Oh yeah who said jazz was "always" a nice guy.
Thumbnail k-jazz5.jpg November 8, 1998
278x328 (27501)
Such an enigma.. Is he trying to goof off? Show off? Or maybe he just sufered a massive blow to the head. *shrugs with a grin*
Thumbnail k-jazz2.jpg November 8, 1998
775x521 (120077)
Onyx Jazz again.. still a pretty darn old pic.. even the non-existent need to eat and thus hunt.
Thumbnail k-wolf4.jpg November 6, 1998
407x473 (60660)
Again nothing special, this time a unamed wolf set it your average western motif.
Thumbnail k-taur2.jpg November 6, 1998
434x344 (45229)
Pretty basic here... Just a foxtaur (didnt like the snout... but otherwise a nice pic) {{Art copwrite myself as usual... "This is the last stupid copywrite notice Ill put in"}}
Thumbnail k-kill9.jpg November 6, 1998
415x365 (37512)
Killrez... my main character... alias... and VERY old pic... I simply must get a up to date drawing of him done... {{Art and Kill are of course copywrite myself}}
Thumbnail k-jazz1.jpg November 6, 1998
709x667 (123549)
Onyx Jazz, one of my personal duo of characters(at least the ones I play alot.. I dont even want to think about how many of my creations are listed M.I.A) pretty old representation.. but then it was the first piece he appeared in {{Art and Jazz copywrite myself.. yadda yadda yadda}}
Thumbnail k-lynx.jpg November 6, 1998
276x392 (30519)
Egads, first upload.... Anyway this is a simple character drawing I did for a friend on FM(as well as other places). {{You know the drill, art copywrite myself, Lynxan is copywrite his player}}

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