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  Kelly-Dunlap 32 1999-05-25 19:07:31-04
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Thumbnail kd-gexam.gif May 25, 1999
479x733 (115377)
"Geometry Exam" - Drawn right after my geometry exam. It's pretty accurate.. =)
Thumbnail kd-angl5.gif May 16, 1999
375x617 (158642)
"Guardian Angel V" - Looks better on paper. =P Probably needs more shades too.
Thumbnail kd-skch2.gif March 16, 1999
416x595 (105389)
Sketches of Hybrid and Destiny.
Thumbnail kd-skch3.gif March 16, 1999
527x701 (175481)
Just another sketch of Destiny.
Thumbnail kd-skch.gif February 26, 1999
762x795 (166963)
Character sketches of Destiny the Dark Mage.
Thumbnail kd-relev.gif February 26, 1999
745x1100 (338991)
"Another Wonder in Heaven" - See Relevations Chapter 12 verse 3.
Thumbnail kd-devi.gif February 26, 1999
409x450 (57887)
"Devi the Jungle Cat" - Character sketch.
Thumbnail kd-lan3.gif February 15, 1999
291x429 (36076)
A drawing of Lanara with a new attire.
Thumbnail kd-iso2.gif February 15, 1999
213x278 (30703)
A pleasantly simple sketch of Isomorph.
Thumbnail kd-quen2.gif January 22, 1999
420x333 (43556)
"For Quentin" - A requested portrait of Quentin's player as a furry.
Thumbnail kd-angl4.gif January 22, 1999
620x483 (122109)
"Guardian Angel IV" - A new contribution to my growing collection of "Inhandra as an angel" pictures.
Thumbnail kd-stdnt.gif December 1, 1998
228x458 (53380)
"Lone Student"
Thumbnail kd-cp.gif November 17, 1998
626x743 (223636)
Thumbnail kd-angl3.gif November 13, 1998
467x579 (165914)
"Guardian Angel III" This image was drawn during my incredibly lonely and boring Friday the 13th, with thoughts reaching towards Isomorph, who I'm sure could use an angel to watch over him right now.
Thumbnail kd-slave.gif November 13, 1998
392x467 (87644)
"Prision Slave" It's hard for me to grasp the idea that at one time people, black or white, were slaves.
Thumbnail kd-bqet.gif November 9, 1998
670x350 (85776)
As of November 7th, I am now 16. My RL boyfriend gave me a wonderful bouqet of flowers. This image is fairly accurate too... considering clothing and the flowers. Too bad it scanned poorly..
Thumbnail kd-sched.gif October 29, 1998
450x429 (98307)
Remember the mass confusion that went with school schedules? [Old pic]
Thumbnail kd-us.gif August 16, 1998
476x439 (127938)
"Us". Pencil drawing, with a fingertip for the smudge effect. ;)
Thumbnail kd-diya.gif August 1, 1998
545x469 (168190)
"Died In Your Arms" I believe the title explains the image.
Thumbnail kd-silas.gif August 1, 1998
256x365 (56363)
Silas, one of Jynx's characters.

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