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  Kee-Coyote 82 2000-11-26 10:13:31-05
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Thumbnail loupia.gif May 27, 2001
327x500 (81929)
Loupia a wolf fighter .
Thumbnail lanuvpilrs.gif May 27, 2001
332x500 (93511)
The places you go and see when your a delivery boy. This skunk has to make a delivery to someone who lives in the dimension of pillars and colums
Thumbnail ajumsuwol.gif May 27, 2001
288x500 (81616)
just a female wolfy in a jumpsuit. Haven't given her a name.
Thumbnail gryith.jpg March 29, 2001
490x500 (44509)
Well here is my latest pic .ITs a gryphonmorph sitting on a bucket that is on a small bridge like thing on the water.
Thumbnail duwesl.gif March 21, 2001
401x450 (34770)
Here is Stahrt-Maggar of Furcadia. done in a pencil sketch. I think this one of the best pencil sketchs I ever done :)
Thumbnail gryph.gif November 26, 2000
307x500 (19156)
Not one of my best drawings but thought I would prove I am alive and do a gryphon drawing .this is Gregory
Thumbnail casoy.gif September 16, 2000
334x500 (27541)
New Picture from one of ths slowest artist on earth. Here a Coyote sorcerress casts a spell
Thumbnail abarlop.gif August 17, 2000
289x500 (34966)
A barbarian Lopgirl standing with a spear. I tried to do a Vaughn Bode style drawing but my style came through instead.
Thumbnail bhcoy.gif August 17, 2000
309x500 (17048)
Just a coyotegrrl did in a different style. Trying out different styles.
Thumbnail dddance.gif July 28, 2000
426x500 (17148)
Just Kiala the coyote sorceress dancing
Thumbnail blacksm.gif July 19, 2000
418x500 (17723)
A equine blacksmith feeling pretty smug about a job were you get to hold filly legs and put on shoes
Thumbnail eqknfe.gif July 1, 2000
305x500 (20447)
Here is a picture of a female filly knight I did on a 5 by 8 inch index card
Thumbnail karolm.jpg January 18, 2000
457x500 (52537)
My and Ranko-Maggar's daughter on Furcadia Karol :)
Thumbnail Terr.jpg November 21, 1999
463x450 (30801)
Place your description here
Thumbnail gryph.jpg November 15, 1999
429x500 (57541)
A gryphonmorph stands on a green pasture
Thumbnail victroy.jpg October 27, 1999
667x500 (72812)
A coyote raises his staff in Victory.
Thumbnail ranwin.gif October 8, 1999
412x400 (106330)
Ranko-Maggar on the deck of a airship
Thumbnail pinup.gif August 11, 1999
293x292 (39273)
pinup style picture or like mascot you would find on B 22
Thumbnail coyma.gif March 8, 1999
361x500 (45016)
A she coyote shows off
Thumbnail swordmeph.gif January 16, 1999
382x500 (23811)
My first pic of the year Mysty Lien. maybe I should stay with this style

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