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  KatEllis 85 2001-01-03 03:13:33-05
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Thumbnail Karma_Pepe2.jpg January 30, 2001
617x480 (69897)
This is an updated version of the final image I drew for Karma and Pepe. (The original was lacking in the one detail I forgot - her neat tadpole tail! That discrepancy has been corrected in this picture.) I loved drawing those two-their colors complement each other so well. :)
Thumbnail KarmaPepe_test.jpg January 30, 2001
413x357 (41090)
When the talented Karma asked me to do a rendition of her and Pepe together, I did a 'test' drawing first to make sure I could render her character correctly. Since she has given permission for me to upload these pictures now, here it is. I only made one minor mistake, and it doesn't really show here... :)
Thumbnail Rk_bbf.jpg January 25, 2001
760x569 (111669)
A little request pic for the Big Blue Fox. :)
Thumbnail Drips_Pals1.jpg January 23, 2001
599x735 (162852)
Now that Drip has invited the peaceful pink fur to dinner, who might be joining her? Drip said there'd be a couple of friends there. Drip has, to say the least, unusual friends though...
Thumbnail Drips_Pals2.jpg January 23, 2001
550x914 (164930)
More of what happens when the innocent pink fur meets Drip's friends. Life can be like that. O_O
Thumbnail Brighter_Day.jpg January 19, 2001
554x576 (90410)
Another of the images I kinda keep under wraps till I get permission to post. This one was for the talented treefroggie Karma in hopes that she and Pepe would be able to get together. Something about couples cuddling that just appeals to me - especially when they are such wonderful friends of mine. :)
Thumbnail Together_At_last.jpg January 19, 2001
670x876 (145915)
Just recently I got a pic request from Tet, and in the course of the e-mails I mentioned one of the pics I love to draw of the furs I think are very wonderful - but of a category I'd *NEVER* post anywhere without permission - I just like to draw them. :) Tet asked to see it and he and Trixi gave their permission. Without which I wouldn't have shown it, I would never assume it was okay. So here it is. I personally like it a lot - they are a beautiful couple. :)
Thumbnail ThatWasClose.jpg January 16, 2001
630x445 (107495)
I didn't post this a few weeks ago because I wanted to get Pepe's okay first, and he was really busy with really important stuff!! (Karma's visit, of course. Yay for the froggie and the skunk!) This is along the lines of what happened after the poor pink fur escaped those hungry vores...
Thumbnail No_dont!.jpg January 3, 2001
585x558 (111857)
Oh, no! Those horrible creatures shouldn't have that poor innocent pink fur. After all the fun she's given the artists on Yerf, that'd be a sad and unfair way for her to end up.
Thumbnail Katmouse8.gif October 14, 2000
688x531 (30652)
Near the end of my story with Shirlee, we finally were able to find safety so that she could have her baby Katmouse! Of course, the Big G and CW would have been upset if we'd left them out of this special occasion. :)
Thumbnail Katmouse7.gif August 30, 2000
592x714 (36686)
Another pic from the story my Shirlee and I create. :) In our world, a cat cannot make a mouse pregnant-yet that is just what has happened to her! This being nothing short of a miracle, our gov't would LOVE to make us the subject of an "extended study". However, if we choose *not* to live the rest of our lives in a laboratory (and that IS our choice) the gov't won't force us to go. But... if a *foreign* gov't, who wants the secret of our uniqueness even more than our own, decides to try kidnapping us, we discover our gov't (in exchange for access to the data) won't protect us. So we have no choice but to lose our identities and go underground... >:(
Thumbnail Katmouse6.gif August 5, 2000
591x380 (17056)
One of the little pics Shirlee and I pass back & forth in our e-mails. ^_^ In our character's story something wonderful has happened, as you can see- my little mousie is with child! (My happies will be short-lived, unfortunately, as it will be discovered that in our world it's *impossible* for a cat to make a mouse pregnant! O_O)
Thumbnail Hi_Cw_and_Gene_cont.jpg June 6, 2000
867x1548 (282762)
Just for those who were asking about the little story that CW and Gene and I were doing. <:)
Thumbnail Hi_CW_and_Gene4.gif May 4, 2000
675x855 (62060)
Sure is taking Gene & CW a long time to show up...
Thumbnail Rhapsody6.gif April 30, 2000
540x390 (16304)
Well, the requestor never got back to me, so here is the finished, inked version of my Rhapsody sketch. Will be available for auction on FurBid :)
Thumbnail Hi_CW_and_Gene3.gif April 27, 2000
679x1028 (86861)
I wonder where the Big G and CW went? Oh well... guess Shirlee and I will just wait for them to come back.
Thumbnail Rhapsody_sketch.gif April 24, 2000
761x562 (26515)
A rather nice sketch of Rhapsody. :) Ordinarily I don't like to post sketches, but this one was a commissioned work and I can't reach the person who requested it! His e-mail addy hasn't worked for 2 months now ("Message Undeliverable" errors) So, requester, wherever you are, if you see this get in touch with me ( please?
Thumbnail Matlpepe3.jpg March 30, 2000
589x792 (153310)
A little request for Pepe Val Pew. (Actually rather fanciful, this is as close as Aunt Matilda would ever come to doing a bondage thing. She would never hurt anyone really. :) )
Thumbnail Hi_CW_and_Gene2.gif February 28, 2000
822x540 (35301)
Well, it's sure nice to see your art here Cats Whisker! Umm.. can I ask about that thing with you and Gene's electricity? We had some problems but they went away...
Thumbnail Hi_CW_and_Gene.gif February 26, 2000
630x458 (16744)
Hey Cats Whisker! When did you sneak on Orlando? :) Such lovely art too. Just wanted to say Hi to you and the Big G.. the two artists who make me proud to be feline. :)

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