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  Joseph-Nebus 20 1998-07-26 17:19:58-04
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Thumbnail sketchroo.jpg July 26, 1998
761x528 (39873)
A sketch of John Siemer's Spaceroo. A rough sketch. Very rough. You may get cut on the edges.
Thumbnail jackrbbk.gif July 26, 1998
675x555 (49949)
My sketch for Jackrabbit's book, from AAC '97.
Thumbnail confused.gif July 26, 1998
600x448 (42775)
Did you notice that Rain Simpson's Ozy and Millie aren't the only Ozy and Millie out there?
Thumbnail mercury.jpg June 7, 1998
675x494 (57997)
The furry space effort suffers an unexpected last-minute setback. Originally drawn for Captain Packrat's fanzine "The Burrow," and converted from black and white on a whim. Spaceroo is John Siemer's character; Austin Dern is mine.
Thumbnail orvysymp.gif June 7, 1998
675x478 (48504)
Orville C. Gull tries to help some unknown, generic furry.
Thumbnail royceMina.gif June 7, 1998
600x446 (40555)
Royce Raccoon meets Mina, the miniaturized vixen of Toons, Furr, and Fluff ( port 7070); they get along rather well.
Thumbnail foxonvox.jpg May 31, 1998
525x537 (55688)
Would you consider BlueFox to be senior pilot of Gemini VI-A? (BlueFox copyright his player.)
Thumbnail merdavid.jpg May 31, 1998
600x439 (59385)
David shows off his mer-bunny form, and discusses its advantages and disadvantages with Austin.
Thumbnail hiding.gif May 2, 1998
675x494 (39910)
A drawing of Bigears and Royce. Based on a RL incident at a nearby zoo in which a fennec played hide-and-seek with Royce's player.
Thumbnail gemini.gif May 2, 1998
600x433 (47394)
My first ever comic strip! Apologies for the composition in the fourth panel; I know how to fix it, but don't have the energy to redraw it again. Ozymandias and Millie are Rain Simpson's characters. The Titan II upper stage didn't quite look like that; it was artistic license, is all.
Thumbnail fuzznaps.gif May 2, 1998
450x490 (21417)
Drawn for Fuzzybear's sketchbook way back at Albany Anthrocon. (I didn't have the usual calligraphy pen to work with, which is why the AAC pictures look different from usual.) Royce is Jerome Dunham's character; Fuzzybear is Joel Butler's.
Thumbnail ccsunset.jpg May 2, 1998
432x298 (46059)
Thumbnail bigearpj.jpg May 2, 1998
360x282 (18963)
Bigears, fennec fox of FurryMuck, shows off his bunny pajamas.
Thumbnail austoon.jpg May 2, 1998
600x449 (80890)
Skippy and Smucker try talking Austin Dern into trying out an animated lifestyle; few are injured. Smucker is Matthew Miller's character; Austin is mine; Skippy is Amblin Entertainment's, but doesn't act like it.
Thumbnail lht.gif April 27, 1998
443x597 (36666)
Something I had to draw.
Thumbnail shane.gif April 27, 1998
741x224 (15238)
It is fashionable these days to overlook or downplay the efforts of Charles Schulz, who has taken only one, brief break in 48 years of daily work, producing one of the greatest pieces of literature in history. It needs to be appreciated more; this is an inadequate attempt. Ozy and Millie are Rain Simpson's characters; Austin is mine; everything else is Schulz's milieu.
Thumbnail a17tlv.gif April 27, 1998
379x272 (16791)
While at Station 6 (North Massif) on the second moonwalk of Apollo 17, astronauts Harrison Schmidt (depicted) and Gene Cernan make a startling discovery -- devilbunnies are on the moon! BunnyHugger is Heather Kendrick's character; the drawing is based closely on NASA photograph AS17-140-21496 (which does not appear to be online, though ones from the same station are).
Thumbnail mystrain.gif April 27, 1998
600x434 (36912)
Based on a peculiarity of the rain falling around a building on campus. My first major effort to use perspective; I also drew this after deciding to deliberately ignore everything I'd 'learned' about art in the preceding year and a half. The result was a picture that I think's a lot better than usual, which is at best a bittersweet achievement. By the way, that's not an anthro version of Austin Dern in the picture; as to who it is, I don't know, but he's the right ringed-tail for the pose.
Thumbnail adandme.gif April 27, 1998
606x528 (18349)
Very old picture, a self-portrait of myself and my alter ego.
Thumbnail booker.jpg April 27, 1998
227x432 (17589)
Booker, a FurToonian raccoon I miss very much.

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