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  Jonathan-Roth 114 1999-11-06 12:46:56-05
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Thumbnail Dai-clouded-Leopard.jpg April 12, 2003
840x510 (133120)
Part of a series of model sheets for Talin for an upcoming painting: A clouded leopard in garb based on the traditional clothing of the Dai minority people from China.
Thumbnail Japanese-Snow-Leopard.jpg April 12, 2003
840x510 (148316)
Part of a series of model sheets for Talin for an upcoming painting: A snow leopard in a sumo-style costume.
Thumbnail Indian-Bengal-Tigress.jpg April 12, 2003
840x510 (148504)
Part of a series of model sheets for Talin for an upcoming painting: A bengal tigress in a traditional garment from India.
Thumbnail Cassievixcolor2.jpg April 12, 2003
590x750 (139730)
Commission for Earl Bacon: Cassie the Rock Vixen singing a softer rock ballad than usual.
Thumbnail Aztec-Painting-Finished.jpg April 10, 2003
625x810 (211183)
Whew! A 14x11 watercolour painting of an Aztec Jaguar warrior woman. I think I'm getting better with watercolour paints. Thanks to Talin for his infinite patience!
Thumbnail LynxFin.jpg April 10, 2003
800x486 (111029)
Part of a series of model sheets for Talin: the lynx from the earlier "Old Barn" picture.
Thumbnail RedFoxFin.jpg April 10, 2003
800x486 (131325)
Part of a series of model sheets for Talin: the red fox from the earlier "Old Barn" picture.
Thumbnail backcover-fin.jpg April 10, 2003
675x900 (108738)
Yay, I've been pubished! The back cover to Anthrolations #6. I had the good luck to be assigned to the story "Two Sick Days" by Andrija Popovic, an excellent writer, and one of my first friends on FurryMUCK. Thanks to Jeff Eddy for the opportunity!
Thumbnail SwiftfoxFin.jpg April 10, 2003
800x486 (118991)
Part of a series of model sheets for Talin: the swift fox from the earlier "Old Barn" picture.
Thumbnail Foxy_YMB.gif February 14, 2003
313x402 (15755)
Oh, now that's just not right. Probably very marketable, but still not right.
Thumbnail Foxy_Valentine.gif February 14, 2003
313x402 (35495)
Awww, now isn't that cute?
Thumbnail Pastels2.jpg February 7, 2003
800x581 (152645)
Vixen in oil pastels. I really should practice more with these things...
Thumbnail Mixed-Signals.jpg February 7, 2003
421x600 (59485)
Is she threatening the judges, or simply finishing her routine? When I first sketched this out, Skorzy pointed out that it reminded him strongly of an XianJaguar piece on here, so I made sure to clear it with her. Many thanks to her for being nice about this. =)
Thumbnail Hibernation.jpg February 1, 2003
640x465 (78788)
"Hibernation is Overrated" Two red squirrels romancing by a winter fire with hot cocoa. Why would anyone rather be sleeping? ;) Companion song: "On a Winter's Night" By Sarah McLachlan.
Thumbnail GVMouse.jpg February 1, 2003
466x640 (70505)
"A Garden Variety Mouse" =) Just a cute little mousie posing in a cornucopia of fruit. Watercolors.
Thumbnail smallarmy.jpg February 1, 2003
640x480 (81554)
"A Small Army", small rodents on large insects ready themselves for battle. Watercolor, the original is 24" by 18" framed.
Thumbnail Spidergoat.gif February 1, 2003
418x600 (50726)
Inspired by a recent story in the Washington Post. A genetics company has spiced the gene for spider silk protiens into dairy goats. These new transgenic goats produce milk that can be refined into spider silk, with a tensile strength of 60,000 Lbs. It's 5x stronger than steel, and can be woven into Bullet proof vests hat are lighter and stronger than Kevlar. As cool and harmless as all this is, I still get images of this in my mind. Well, that and goats that chitter, climb walls and devour each other. Baaa... *thwiip* SWING!
Thumbnail Sexy-Sally.jpg February 1, 2003
309x480 (41862)
I started with the pose, and wondered what species to make her. I decided there weren't enough sexy amphibians around here. Plus, drawing from behind means I don't have to cheat and draw salamander boobies.
Thumbnail Rabbit-Geisha.jpg January 30, 2003
430x600 (67441)
Third in a series of faux-japanese images. Really, do i have to explain the suitability of rabbits as geisha? ;) Well, ok, there's also the western concept of "Ladies of the Evening", and the Japanese view of the Man in the Moon as being a Rabbit making rice cakes. Interestingly enough, I see the rabbit easier than I can see a man's face in the moon.
Thumbnail Fox-Actor.jpg January 30, 2003
411x600 (77666)
Another faux-Japanese ink drawing on specialty paper. This time of a fox actor. I felt the fox suited this role for several reasons: Actor prints were very popular subject matter, and the feminine nature of the fox in legends meshes well with male actors, who played both male and female roles in all plays.

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