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  John-Brighenti 14 1998-11-18 00:55:30-05
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Thumbnail Doom011.jpg November 18, 1998
357x434 (43100)
Doom Crusader looking rather fiendishly. Doom Crusader © John Brighenti / Lucidia Studios
Thumbnail Trixi003.JPG November 18, 1998
391x400 (46509)
I decided to draw this pic of Trixi one day, because she was pretty much really cool to me in yiffnet, I hope she likes :) Trixi is © Candy L.
Thumbnail slash014.gif October 10, 1998
254x350 (25103)
Thumbnail IronMaiden001.jpg September 9, 1998
351x536 (51996)
I was listening to some Maiden, when I thunk of this picture as the lead singer as an Anthro. So here Is Iron Maiden's *Best* lead singer Bruce Dickinson as a Ticked off looking cat. Long Live HeAvY !@#$'n MeTaL!!!
Thumbnail RenJen001.jpg August 30, 1998
391x600 (37394)
Reno, and Jenna are sitting upon the edge of a cliff staring out to sea. the Lyrics are from a song called "All the Fools Sailed Away" by the band Dio. Reno And Jenna Are © Myself
Thumbnail Snarf003.jpg August 30, 1998
277x320 (21904)
A quick Sketch of Snarf from the Thundercats, Snarf is © Telepictures Corporation
Thumbnail WhiteLion001.jpg August 30, 1998
550x492 (42084)
I am honored to say that the woman of my dreams has accepted my proposal of marrage to her. And to celebrate, I sketched this picture of a couple of white lions embracing each other in true love. The Lyrics are from a song called "Till Death do us Part" by the band (Apropriately Enough) White Lion. I am the luckiest man in the world! I Love you Joie!!!
Thumbnail Slash019.jpg August 30, 1998
437x500 (28595)
My ISP went down to the hands of a hacker for 2 days, so all I could do is sit around and draw, heres a pic of Slash N' Burn I just doodled up. Slash N' Burn is © Yours Truly
Thumbnail Reno028.JPG August 28, 1998
500x500 (84616)
I was really surprised and pleased at how well this image of Reno turned out. I hope you all like
Thumbnail Slash018.jpg August 24, 1998
446x371 (51104)
A quick sketch of Slash N' Burn done whilest my ISP went down and I needed something to do. His Slashness is © John "ReNo" Brighenti
Thumbnail Jenna011.JPG August 20, 1998
369x425 (48098)
One I did of jenna about 2 months ago, i like the pose, looks kinda neet yes no?
Thumbnail Slash017.jpg August 19, 1998
438x500 (39004)
Slash N' Burn jumps down to tangle with a mortal foe, another one of my better pics, this one was done at 4
Thumbnail Jenna017.jpg August 19, 1998
300x494 (31624)
I really like this picture of Jenna, one of my most "fluid images ever (Fluid as in her pose doesnt look stiff) I hope you like. Jenna Marcosa © John "ReNo" Brighenti
Thumbnail Jenna013.JPG August 12, 1998
400x303 (43801)
My first Picture uploaded here, so I figured it should be one of my best. Jenna is standing infornt of My studios Logo. Done in Adobe photoshop 5.0 w/help from Genesis VFX, and Eyecandy 3.0 Jenna Marcosa © 1998 John "ReNo" Brighenti

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