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  Jodie-Sullinva 6 1999-05-23 22:45:37-04
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Thumbnail pirfox.jpg May 23, 1999
637x792 (561448)
Don't even ask. This is just one of those wierd pics that makes you go 'hmm... What the hades is wrong with this girls?! No sense of matching colors!'
Thumbnail look.JPG January 22, 1999
500x632 (89095)
just messing around with shading and such. Note to self, pencil in trees THEN color. Don't just color and see what happens.
Thumbnail Flowcle.JPG December 3, 1998
500x462 (56181)
I'm trying to teach myself to draw a decent flower. The lion just came along for the centerpiece.
Thumbnail Mousie2.JPG November 12, 1998
500x448 (67591)
A picture done as a thank you for a friend's picture.
Thumbnail cutecat.JPG November 12, 1998
500x526 (48835)
a quick pic done in a mellow mood.
Thumbnail golf2.JPG November 12, 1998
500x623 (112046)
just another day on the links.

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