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  Jeremy-Biskner 35 2000-07-30 00:35:08-04
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Thumbnail Mikae.jpg January 17, 2006
857x600 (80242)
Mikae the skunk babe posing for a certain tiger artist.
Thumbnail tentacle.jpg September 10, 2005
621x393 (52894)
and the final pic as requested by Celle.
Thumbnail shower visit.jpg September 10, 2005
596x594 (57459)
pic number 2 as requested by Celle
Thumbnail nude beach.jpg September 10, 2005
605x669 (54040)
one of three pics requested by Celle. Celle is (C). her player
Thumbnail whale on a wolf.jpg September 1, 2005
1312x480 (81007)
i was kinda drawing and kinda listening to a conversation in tapestries..i overheard something and immediately this image popped into my head.
Thumbnail 001.jpg February 8, 2005
416x644 (37733)
this is asian lioness..or something..
Thumbnail Jeremy.jpg February 8, 2005
614x688 (67306)
was going through my pile of stuff and found this older pic..i aint too thrilled with it..but mebbe you guys will like it.
Thumbnail shupoandtalix.jpg February 8, 2005
750x720 (91318)
here's the charachters of a couple friends of mine. Shupo the giant armadillo and Talix the red dragon. they are both copywright of their creators.
Thumbnail christmas2003.jpg October 19, 2004
832x627 (130171)
yet another late holiday pic.. VERY late for any questions or comments :)
Thumbnail Cindy&tentacles.jpg October 19, 2004
944x1424 (143633)
Cindy's mate has a furry form of lycanthrope..instead of turning into a were wolf during a full moon..he changes into a tentacle beast.
Thumbnail surprised it fit.jpg October 19, 2004
1184x1312 (129040)
cindy and her mate endulging in one of her favorite little "games"
Thumbnail Mistletoe_Cindy.jpg October 19, 2004
554x813 (69234)
a pic i did last year.. never got around to posting here it be. Cindy is a Lyxen, part lynx part vixen.
Thumbnail avianfun.jpg June 27, 2004
592x484 (38689)
Thumbnail Ziara.jpg February 6, 2004
589x659 (96904)
here's one of the nicest well built fems iv'e met on tapestries.. for my first time drawing a fem with muscles.. i think this turned out pretty good.. Ziara is copywright her player 2004
Thumbnail ZIG ZAG.jpg September 9, 2003
606x614 (121149)
aahh yes.. the famous tiger striped skunk Zig Zag.
Thumbnail meandtiger.jpg May 8, 2003
1103x1382 (430708)
yes that is a REAL tiger cub.. cool huh? :) btw.. my new e-mail address is
Thumbnail embraceone.jpg December 24, 2002
847x1166 (172084)
yet another hugging type pic. Cindy and her mate are copywright Jeremy Biskner 2002
Thumbnail cindyandbot.jpg December 24, 2002
1045x951 (217039)
Cindy lynx and the guardian bot from my story.. i love how the bot turned out! Cindy and the bot are both copywright Jeremy Biskner 2002
Thumbnail embracetwo.jpg December 13, 2002
847x1166 (179506)
awww.. looks like cindy's mate is gonna get a little reward for giving her them tummy skritchies ;)
Thumbnail nudedarkstar.jpg December 13, 2002
731x665 (92643)
Nekkid Jessica

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