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  Jason-Canty 198 2000-07-08 15:07:30-04
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Thumbnail Kashiawaves.jpg July 8, 2000
636x873 (122860)
Kashia Bexx On the rocks.
Thumbnail KitothandBrit.jpg June 23, 2000
624x813 (128422)
Also drawn for Kitoth. Characters are (c) to their owners. Jason.
Thumbnail Kitoth.jpg June 23, 2000
624x813 (86820)
Drawn for Kitoth.
Thumbnail CrushedSwordplay.jpg June 19, 2000
637x813 (131383)
Heres Crushed of Super MegaTopia trying out a new sword. Crushed is (c) and drawn with premision from the Brothers Grinn.
Thumbnail BlackPanther2.jpg June 19, 2000
378x476 (40198)
Thumbnail BlackPanther1.jpg June 8, 2000
378x476 (38818)
Place your description here
Thumbnail SBvsNN.jpg June 7, 2000
624x816 (182544)
Heres SoulBlade Versing the Evil Doctor NeoNever. Both are (c) in part to their player.
Thumbnail June-P.jpg June 7, 2000
605x807 (133171)
Heres cursed Kappa girl June.
Thumbnail Knaw.jpg June 7, 2000
605x807 (134116)
Hi All Jason again. Heres a pictuer of Knaw. IF you've been to Super Megatopia then you know who Knaw is. Knaw is (c) to the Brothers Grinn
Thumbnail ArmorLinda.jpg June 6, 2000
605x807 (120362)
Admiral Linda S. WindFlacon in her Human FOrm in armor. She is (c) to me.
Thumbnail Sabrina-c.jpg June 6, 2000
637x875 (91790)
YAHOO! After 9 Months I'm finaly Back!! My first newest Picture is Eric W. Swatchz's (did I spell that right) Sabrina.
Thumbnail Soulblade.jpg September 27, 1999
416x544 (79608)
Bad guys... You have just met your match! Here Comes SOULBLADE to clean the cosmos of evil. SoulBlade is (c) to his owner.
Thumbnail ArmorLizzan.jpg September 22, 1999
423x582 (88459)
After a long Brake... I Elizabeth Ann (Lizzan) Nauru have returned! I the Master of arms is "keeping it real" by going back to the basics in my true form. Though it may not have the bust size, the hair or even the resitence to the cold like my other genticly alterd apperances. My true self has the speed, stringth and agillity I need to kick some DEMONIC BUTT!!
Thumbnail Kashia_Bexx.jpg September 19, 1999
417x545 (68322)
Hello all, Kashia Bexx here. I've been with the Lylith fleet and the Stellor Warriors for a few months now and they really made me feel at home. Heck they even helped me get out of my shell and help me descover that I'm a pritty good fashion desinger as well as a Astro-Physists. I would especialy like to thank Uman. ^_^ Any way what do you think about my newest suit? See you around the Physics lab!
Thumbnail Kittjump.jpg September 19, 1999
423x582 (77064)
Konichiwa! Watashi namae wa Kitt-desu! Boku ga totemo Kawaii! Ha! Ha! Ha! Daisuki! Ja-Ne! Hi all Jason here. Kitt has been learning Nihongo(Japanese) so I'm here to translate. She says "Good Day. My name is Kitt. I'm very cute. Ha Ha Ha. I love you. See you later."
Thumbnail swcomic1-1.GIF September 19, 1999
575x912 (74118)
Stellor Warriors Comic #1, part 1 - "Heroes Sacrifice" (just finished the text edit, sorry J!) - Umen_O ->
Thumbnail Falon c.jpg August 30, 1999
417x546 (64308)
Hi all! I'm going to be moving and heading off to college so this will be my last up load for about 2 weeks! You won't have to put up with my constant uploads.. (Croud chears) However when I get back on expect alot of art! (Boo's!) Any way heres Falon again in color. Hes (c) to his player.
Thumbnail unmasked.jpg August 30, 1999
382x539 (148091)
Know you know why Gaska wears all that Armor. She has been badly burned over 50% of her body and left her both physicaly and mentaly scared for life.
Thumbnail KittSaddness.gif August 29, 1999
385x535 (23640)
Kitt is torn betwen the innocents and Joy of youth and the pasion and Lust of adulthood... She wants the physical plesures of being an adult but still wants to be innocent like a child. She wants to have the freedom of her youth but not be treated like and called a kid. Kitt wants to give in to her long unfulfiled desires and yet remaine pure. She wants the best of both and and nothing less... Kitt has finaly become a real teenager and has no idea what to do.... Please let me know what you think. Jason.
Thumbnail TR&GryphNightHawk.jpg August 28, 1999
414x539 (76541)
Errr a hemm.. do to reques heres a Picture of TR Wolf and Gryph NightHawk having their own marathon... Unfortunetly TR has gotten him self (or in himself) in over his head. Gryph being a gryphin is part lion, and Lions if you don't know mate 20secnds on and of for 4 DAYS STRATE! This is only the 3rd hour and TR has been drained Dry... But Griph keeps on Cumming and cumming...

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