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  J-Alexander 10 1998-12-06 16:45:20-05
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Thumbnail rtdpost1.jpg December 6, 1998
768x720 (341406)
RTD-Rework the Dead Coming soon from the mind of David Hopkins December 26th 1998.
Thumbnail maxwolf.jpg October 4, 1998
257x424 (41814)
A rerererererererereredesigned character of mine, my personal fur Maxwell Wolfen.
Thumbnail kittykat.gif September 20, 1998
303x326 (13191)
Thumbnail damien.jpg September 5, 1998
442x522 (96586)
Damien Smith is copyright © 1998 J. Alexander (
Thumbnail ja-digo.jpg August 13, 1998
530x558 (98565)
For Digo Raccoon for being TOO cool and having a great sense of humor.
Thumbnail damien.gif August 13, 1998
455x667 (108117)
My sister recently got a Canon BubbleJet printer. She offered to do a t-shirt for me when I provide the picture. I did it. Now I need to color it. Then I will have a nice personalized shirt. I love that printer. Damien Smith is © 1998 J. Alexander (BTW, if you have any comments on this pic (the drawing, NOT scanning quality or filesize, please), please send them to It`d be greatly appreciated. Thanks.) Oh yeah...and it was scanned like this on purpose.
Thumbnail harukoy.jpg July 26, 1998
304x708 (109212)
No Desc--no, wiat a minute! Here`s one! ---> Attempting to make it seem as if it`s being pinned on a wall WITHOUT any fancy programs. (used PSP5 for EVERYTHING in this pic except for the forest/waterfall BG.)
Thumbnail jeraek.jpg July 22, 1998
255x597 (58675)
No Desc
Thumbnail harry.jpg July 22, 1998
395x588 (68286)
No Desc
Thumbnail motoko.jpg July 20, 1998
242x538 (50654)
No Desc...why write one?

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