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  Huskie 1080 2000-10-16 00:33:40-04
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Thumbnail unifemSKTCH.jpg January 27, 2006
710x970 (89617)
Female counterpart to the male unicorn.. with a constrictor snake and the lock on her horn. I like her too.. but, in a different aspect than the male, she's more attitude and he's just pretty XD anyway.. constrictor snake for.. well.. vagina-hugs :D yes. Vagina-hugs.
Thumbnail unimaleKTCH.jpg January 27, 2006
715x1100 (122426)
My favorite sketch from Italy.. male unicorn with a snake and key. The snake is a venomous one, drew it from memory as.. well.. this is my idea of a venomous snake :P anyway.. snake because.. they would supposedly poison the water and unicorns would come out and drink, dipping their horns into the water to neutralize the venom.. and venomous because.. these snakes inject like any male does ;3 and key = male. I really felt like i was shaping and building this creature while i was drawing him.. i hadn't felt that way in a long time...
Thumbnail foxleap.jpg January 26, 2006
581x643 (57721)
A really cute doodle, i really really really like this drawing, it just came out just how i wanted ;.; i would appreciate it if any kids out there kept their referencing/altering hands off this one please... i plan on finishing this one.. wanted to share the lineart though :3
Thumbnail admirationfromadistance.jpg January 26, 2006
798x684 (82074)
i was able to talk to the boy with a phonecard from Italy.. this made me verreh happeh :3 and.. random doodley.. i dunno. I like that he finds me sexeh even nonmorphic XD
Thumbnail italydoodles2.jpg January 26, 2006
769x860 (91421)
More doodles.. this time, i started with a snuggle pic.. me distraught and the boy comforting me.. then i drew some sex :D i really like how the sex came out, the expressions and poses are just right. might finish that bit. here is where i think i started feeling better and being better able to draw.
Thumbnail extremeapprehension.jpg January 26, 2006
644x783 (153259)
again trying to get myself to draw for myself.. started out as me just drawing whatever.. and it turned into Huskie looking very.. eee... not loking something and sad.. and i had intended it to look lore like a continuation of the moon painting i did.. but i cant make backgrounds for SHIT in colored pencil so i did a bunch of weird noodle-looking floaty things of malignancy :D lame.
Thumbnail italydoodles1.jpg January 26, 2006
801x991 (108808)
Lil sketches of the boy's head.. and some with me.. i really missed him while i was away :/ i was thinking about his smile and the different hairdo's i sometimes put him in :P trying to be able to draw to destress more or less.. was -not- happening.
Thumbnail pegfemale.jpg January 26, 2006
788x1098 (167166)
The female winged horse.. honestly, i just liked her pose :/ but she looked like she was looking at something or holding something.. so i just added in the bloody balloon as an afterthought.. its crap but.. hopefully the horsie is more interesting.. bleh. I really like how she turned out.. but, no real symbolism other than lock = female. i will do another version of the two in the future.
Thumbnail pegmale.jpg January 26, 2006
615x790 (124643)
Winged horsieboy i drew a while back and finished while in Italy.. i think he's pretty cute :3 I added a key in the heart as an after-thought.. male = key.. no other symbolism really, just something cute :P i do plan on making another more integrated version of the winged horse couple.
Thumbnail unitease.jpg January 26, 2006
725x630 (72215)
Random lil unibitch... bleh.
Thumbnail whitiegrrINK.jpg January 25, 2006
706x1071 (149391)
Finished inking this the other day.. it was drawn while i was in Italy.. i've really liked doing these sort of wings lately.. Micron on cardstock.
Thumbnail DemonWolf180387.jpg January 25, 2006
1097x778 (161375)
Gift for DemonWolf180387. One of the first and few drawings i finished while abroad I've been on a bit of an ink kick lately... Micron on sketchbook paper.
Thumbnail wolfmoonPAINT.jpg December 26, 2005
698x1000 (133750)
12" x 16" acryllic on canvas painting of my character Ferine based on an earlier ink painting i did in about 2003 which i plan on fixing up and uploading at some point. Inspired by the Type O Negative song "Wolf Moon".. because i'm bloody cliche like that. I remember i originally wanted to do a series of drawings for the song images i had in my head.. but.. i fucked up with the ink picture so.. when i later discovered it in a pile of my stuff, i thought it might be neat to try it as a painting :3 This is my 2nd attempt at painting in class.. probably my favorite and best painting of all.. was bought by mr. Abyss-dog and will soon be with him :3 I know he'll give her a good home... Lots of gloss medium, lots of layers.. *sighs* But this one really makes me happy.
Thumbnail headridePAINT.jpg December 26, 2005
814x1000 (216766)
My very first attempt at acrylics for my Fall painting class.. as you can see.. the colors are fucking dark, i cant shade white for shit and behold the wonder of my half-assed background of foliage-doooooom X3 Lotta dry-brushiness.. i cant blend for shit either. But, the boy loves it and it hangs in his room :3 12\
Thumbnail PentaPrncess.jpg December 22, 2005
725x990 (133432)
One of the few gifts I had time for.. this is for AngryPrncess of DA cuz she has a kewl character and has done many a giftart for me in the past :3 I drew her with my MLP character, Penta.. because they both have stars over their eyes.. though Penta's is actually over her left eye.. but i wanted it showing on her face in this pose.. soo.. lets just say its makeup :P I also ended up fucking up most of the original background paper this drawing was done on.. so i had to cut the figures out and adhered them to a piece of white illustration board.. Micron, brushpen, metallic/glittery/milky gelpens, gel marker, and iridescent medium (pants + white hair/furbits) on cardstock.. I hope i got her markings right.. this is a new character and.. i couldnt find many good refs x.o
Thumbnail Badge-Syntax.jpg December 22, 2005
315x521 (42670)
Finished badge for Syntax :3 First time i used Iridescent watercolor medium.. on the letters.. they were done with pastel/neon green and yellow.. then i brushed the medium over them and the ink from the gelpens kinda blended together into a weird glow effect. the medium isnt really Iridescent, per se, just really really glittery o.o like them GellyRoll glitter gel pens without the color. Shweet.
Thumbnail SnowyMoonlight.jpg December 20, 2005
1108x788 (233595)
The third painting i did in class.. 8" x 12", acryllic. My second attempt at color.. It worked out pretty good, i think.. pretty close to how I saw it in my mind :3 Backgrounds are definately easier with paint x.x The moon is textured out a bit from the canvas, i like eet :3
Thumbnail RussellsBirfdayCard.jpg December 20, 2005
497x716 (119765)
Birthday card I made for my Russell! :3 Watercolor, colored pencil, gelpen and micron on cardstock X3 Today is his birfday n.n
Thumbnail SilverWolverinaMange.jpg December 20, 2005
838x823 (145567)
Finished commission for SilverWolverina and another of her characters, Mange... i hope you can tell those are scars riddled under his fur.. o.o first time i'd done scars peeking through fur. annehoo.. i hope she likes :3 Various colored pencils and a lil gel pen on cardstock.
Thumbnail Badge-AliBagheera.jpg December 20, 2005
392x480 (43433)
Finished badge-trade w/ AliBagheera :3

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