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  Gene-Catlow 33 2000-07-12 07:08:01-04
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Thumbnail Gc_and_CW's_Mom.gif January 9, 2001
545x833 (151845)
Actually, CatsWhisker's Mom was very nice. A little nosy, but still nice. CW freaked, though. <:)
Thumbnail Gcwsleep3.jpg April 6, 2000
646x963 (116644)
*yawn* Tell the planet to stop turning so loud, CW. It woke me up. <:)
Thumbnail Onmymind.jpg February 15, 2000
608x606 (110121)
Far away physically, but on my mind she's there all the time. My lady cat is the treasure of my life... believe that! :)
Thumbnail Gc_jr01.jpg February 12, 2000
694x852 (109648)
Somewhere in my future... :)
Thumbnail PILLOWTK.JPG December 13, 1999
642x524 (68474)
This Sunday I got to meet Jonas Silver and Loran for the first time. (Along with my longtime friends Trixi, Kev, Fuzzy & Dingus :) ) One of the ideas I had while drawing was along the lines of how my lady cat found out about my domain. :) When I got home I sent her a copy of the pic. She DARED me to post it... >:)
Thumbnail GCPATHMK.JPG June 23, 1999
655x855 (130677)
My birthday present for Pepe Val Pew. Happy birthday Pepe!
Thumbnail KOMPPEPE.JPG December 6, 1998
526x590 (72014)
A little request pic I did for Pepe and Kompy.
Thumbnail YOUNGRAB.GIF November 26, 1998
642x481 (55725)
Oldrabbit did such a nice picture of me as a kitten that I felt I should do the now-traditional nice picture in return. So here is Oldrabbit before he *was*... a very Youngrabbit, no doubt dreaming of what a good artist he will be someday. At any age, he is (c) Don Brown.
Thumbnail RKUNSEEN.GIF October 13, 1998
557x451 (23149)
Thumbnail KEVDING2.GIF August 17, 1998
897x613 (32133)
At Kevin J's apartment, there are three pet cats. Another measure of his coolness.
Thumbnail KEVDING1.GIF August 17, 1998
678x504 (24241)
I got to meet Dingus for the first time at Kevin J's apartment, and Fuzzybear was there as well! Naturally, when you get that many furry artists together, they tend to draw. And who are we to buck tradition?
Thumbnail RK-TODD2.JPG August 1, 1998
508x655 (93095)
Here's a scan of a commisioned work I did for Todd Fox. He seemed to like it. I hope you do too. Todd and the Kids are doing some snorkeling. (This one got the Verithin and Prismacolor pencil treatment.)
Thumbnail FRSOME_4.GIF July 26, 1998
718x395 (34884)
Kevin's given me an arrow with a few unusual properites, it seems.
Thumbnail HB_ALTRS.GIF July 19, 1998
536x514 (41548)
Happy belated Birthday to AltarSkunk! (c) Joe Kennedy
Thumbnail GCBCHARL.JPG June 26, 1998
518x565 (45470)
This pic was requested by a friend. I'm not sure whether the sly grin on Buster Charlie's face is because of the book he's reading or if it's just his nature.
Thumbnail DRSCOTTY.JPG June 7, 1998
898x569 (153635)
The Canadian fox, Scotty, once did a picture of himself creating a 3D version of me, and stating that he hoped to meet me one day. Well, he did, and now I'm creating a 3D version of him!
Thumbnail GTWLDIGO.GIF May 23, 1998
566x489 (21435)
Get well soon, Digo!
Thumbnail RKALIEN5.GIF May 21, 1998
644x990 (55034)
Allan now says that the aliens will attempt to use their Brain-A-Meltizer on me! Gruff is here to provide a last-minute rescue. I could almost feel sorry for these poor aliens. *Almost*, I said...
Thumbnail RKALIEN4.GIF May 20, 1998
644x871 (33403)
Allan Dye did another great pic for me, for which I thank him. Now Active is going to have to tell his Dad about the Probe-O-Matic. Zordak, Belzon... nice knowing you.
Thumbnail RKALIEN3.GIF May 19, 1998
594x867 (49352)
A bit more of the story suggested by Allan's neat pic. The woefully clueless alien team of Belzon and Zordak decide to bring up the 'big guns' against Gruff but, upon overhearing the Kids' reaction, have second thoughts. Or whatever passes for 'second thoughts' for them. Did they have any first ones?

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