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  Fox-in-Green 7 2000-05-17 11:30:09-04
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Thumbnail Kiara7.JPG May 17, 2000
1149x1313 (486590)
Lets try some more action, here is Kiara throwing a roundhouse kick.
Thumbnail Kiara6.JPG May 15, 2000
919x1095 (357787)
One weird lookin shotgun and Kiara lookin like she already used it, still love that punch dagger
Thumbnail Kiara5.JPG May 14, 2000
1176x973 (441099)
Werewolf gutted like a fish, that's what happens when you mess with a foxling.
Thumbnail Kiara4.JPG May 14, 2000
1064x1103 (395630)
I played Kiara once during a D&D game and the other players thought she was pretty original and unique so introduced them to furries
Thumbnail Kiara3.JPG May 14, 2000
977x1375 (444158)
if you lived in a semi tropical climate you'd wear the same thing.
Thumbnail Kiara2.JPG May 14, 2000
1022x1332 (433377)
silly pose but it was fun to draw, still love that knife
Thumbnail Kiara1.JPG May 14, 2000
1169x1250 (527881)
This is my first furry, Kiara, a foxling star slinger.

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