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  Erika-Leigh 9 2000-12-26 01:44:14-05
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Thumbnail trio150.jpg December 26, 2000
232x360 (54038)
Sirus, Raini, and Ty-yen being silly. Love them!
Thumbnail TI3.jpg December 21, 2000
248x296 (32521)
Ink/computer color version. Loran, if you need this bigger, let me know.
Thumbnail TIME.jpg December 21, 2000
331x394 (95875)
Sketch fer Loran.
Thumbnail COLROS.jpg December 21, 2000
410x652 (163021)
To someone special, from Colson.
Thumbnail helpdesk.jpg December 19, 2000
644x392 (174746)
A pic fer Loran. The original sketch was done Sept. Boy, how the semmester goes by. Happy bday Terry Mouse! Also, Dec 20th will be a very good day also.
Thumbnail CARDab.jpg December 14, 2000
749x464 (153477)
Holiday card revision. Before and after versions up. Seasons greatings everyone!
Thumbnail card2.jpg December 14, 2000
749x464 (145077)
Happy holidays, everyone!
Thumbnail Bdy.jpg December 13, 2000
487x299 (74216)
December 10, 2000: Wouldn't too many candles on a cake equal bonfire? Sorry fer the delay. Dec 20th will be a very good day.
Thumbnail skun2.jpg December 13, 2000
482x449 (47152)
Picture for the MFM programing peoples. Speech over now. Got another one coming up and stuff!

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