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  DripDry 12 2000-07-04 14:19:29-04
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Thumbnail Gina_Conclave.jpg October 27, 2004
550x699 (57892)
Been a long while since I uploaded. No new art yet, but I hope to get going on this again soon. Thought I'd post a better picture of my associate Gina Doberman in the meantime. Later all!
Thumbnail Egads.jpg January 9, 2003
350x411 (29386)
Quick warning to lazy artists (like me). This is what can happen to your art when you dont draw for over two years. Practice, practice, practice. (runs off to do just that).
Thumbnail Gina&Me.JPG January 13, 2002
450x497 (41611)
Me and my new associate 'Gina Doberman'. Keep an eye out for us at a few of the cons. (Anthrocon is kind of up-in-the-air, but we will definately be at MFF.)
Thumbnail Bradley.JPG July 4, 2000
500x642 (194178)
Bradley of Furtoonia. Finished while at Anthrocon.
Thumbnail Twyla_C.JPG March 12, 2000
500x676 (71690)
A commission for Twylafox of her old character 'Twyla'. May re-color this with Prismacolors. (depends if she wants that done)
Thumbnail Cleanup.GIF December 25, 1999
550x713 (145661)
Been a while since I uploaded, so I grabbed up one of my old pics and gave it the Prismacolor/Photoshop treatment.
Thumbnail shanli.GIF February 18, 1999
700x522 (90154)
Eeeek!. While looking through a pile of papers in my desk, I found..... My first attempt at Furry art! (Horrors!)
Thumbnail v_tine.GIF February 13, 1999
582x623 (176060)
Valentines greeting to all my friends on FurryMuck and Furtoonia (You know who you are!).
Thumbnail Sharra.GIF January 9, 1999
599x830 (155494)
Thumbnail candice.gif December 3, 1998
289x423 (39852)
No Desc
Thumbnail liquid.jpg December 1, 1998
336x448 (48835)
Thumbnail viola.jpg December 1, 1998
300x514 (39930)

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