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  DarkKitten 5 1999-11-25 05:10:24-05
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Thumbnail dk-darkkitten.gif November 25, 1999
387x526 (53524)
The GothiArtist. Please excuse the solid black background. * *
Thumbnail dk-aensland.gif November 25, 1999
434x566 (105127)
A requested pic of a demon mousie. Aensland (c) Her Player.
Thumbnail dk-kitfox.jpg November 25, 1999
451x729 (68188)
My very own art sponsor, looking very GothiJohnny-Esque! Done by request. KitFox (c) His Player.
Thumbnail dk-thianya.gif November 25, 1999
544x631 (199388)
Dark Angel of The Dead. This print did well at ConiFur. Thianya (c) DarkKitten.
Thumbnail dk-jade.gif November 25, 1999
530x472 (43802)
Art trade with Jade, the phycho green gothivixen. Jade (c) Her Player.

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