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  Danny-Palic 95 2000-10-04 11:36:54-04
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Thumbnail notalogo.gif May 4, 2001
800x372 (85122)
Its not a logo, but it is for Sayh, he is a bird.
Thumbnail hovertux.jpg March 30, 2001
500x539 (33838)
Hovertux, scary.
Thumbnail bearlogo.jpg March 22, 2001
331x400 (22872)
Experiment with lines
Thumbnail wacomblah.jpg March 8, 2001
400x400 (28453)
All your wacom are...ahhh shoot ;)
Thumbnail mbili.jpg January 21, 2001
433x419 (36780)
Mbili (C) Mbili, euh, yup. It is hard to draw a lioness when you still got that lousy Disney bug. Ah well, I hope she likes it :)
Thumbnail lame.jpg January 15, 2001
410x480 (33684)
I know, just....dont okay?
Thumbnail skunkpeg.jpg January 12, 2001
395x480 (31705)
Thumbnail cuteskunki.jpg January 10, 2001
430x480 (34758)
So you want it cute? Owwwkay
Thumbnail drs-truck.jpg October 4, 2000
640x480 (44163)
Whats an animation without proper background? Ah well, Im busy working on it. I will upload the character profiles soon.
Thumbnail me2k.jpg September 4, 2000
564x796 (52859)
Yup, thats Pegla, my character on IRC and stuff alike.
Thumbnail bday-david.jpg August 26, 2000
569x532 (54193)
Happy birthday Longmane!
Thumbnail palic2.jpg June 14, 2000
500x500 (35000)
Obligated self portrait a la 2000
Thumbnail melissa.jpg May 3, 2000
400x386 (29382)
I hate coloring jobs, I really do.
Thumbnail unit13.jpg March 10, 2000
640x567 (84028)
I'm going to die coloring this....I'm going to die coloring this....I am going to die....
Thumbnail credits.jpg March 4, 2000
640x480 (50381)
Its like a dream come true, to finally see your name on the end credits of an animated feature.
In this case I helped animating a bunch of pigs, listening to the story of the lost son. Bijbelse Beesten (C)2000, NRCV (the credits say: Animatie Assistentie)
Thumbnail darkhands.jpg February 7, 2000
966x742 (124980)
Hand practice, HB & B pencil on paper
Thumbnail darkagent.jpg February 7, 2000
524x895 (111126)
A dark agent of some kind, pencil on paper.
Thumbnail argh.jpg January 1, 2000
500x454 (46068)
I hate cute, I hate cute, I hate cute, I HATE cute stuff!!!!!!!!!!!
Thumbnail 3d-truck.jpg December 14, 1999
800x600 (32779)
Another vehicle for DRS, the furry themed animation, coming to you in Summer'00
Thumbnail drs-blimp.jpg December 11, 1999
800x600 (60986)
Jahoo, finally. The blimp I was making for a big schoolproject is finished. This blimp will appear in a furry themed animated feature next year.

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