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  Daniel-Hopkins 47 2000-12-23 08:23:19-05
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Thumbnail fine.jpg November 23, 2003
542x726 (39512)
well.. in a laboured atemped at melodrama, the maus preformed a dance that was somewhere between tai-chi and ritualistic folk-style.. intrestingly enough, nofur thought to pop the camera, till after it was over.. HA-HA!!! YOU GET NOTHING!!!... .. i'll be good, now *L*
Thumbnail Mini.jpg November 23, 2003
303x714 (36350)
a friend of mine, in a cyber-pub asked me for a pic. She sugjested a lynx. Here ye go, kiddo.
Thumbnail gabe.jpg November 22, 2003
905x1038 (140995)
A friend of mine and i spend time, online, together, writeing a storry. Just a bit of fiction, for fun. This coon is my contribution to the origonal main cast, Gaberial O'Ryley
Thumbnail ds1.jpg August 30, 2003
882x665 (114586)
Actualy, this was finished, prior to the previous entry, but she told me, only after I had asked to put the other one up, that she would like to se this one online, too, so here it is. I'm actualy verry pleased with this one.. and I'm not even getting paied for it *L* I love how Amus' collor scheem came out. Hope I can pull it off again. 'Amus H. Goodfellow' (c) ~mesah 'aspen' (c) ~her perspective creator
Thumbnail Ds2.jpg August 26, 2003
531x1031 (82222)
I got the o.k... one of a select feuw D/s pics I've done, but all were done for a good cause. This is Amus and aspen {as it were} enjoying a moment of bonding (bondage). 'Amus H. Goodfellow' is (c) myself 'Aspen D'rish' is drawn with the permission of her creator.
Thumbnail Aspen.jpg May 30, 2003
551x856 (75371)
well... isn't she cute? A verry good friend of mine recently told me that she's starting to do furry art. I wanted to draw her character, so here she is; Aspen .. a verry playfull, verry cute, and verry loveing vixen...
Thumbnail fli.jpg January 1, 2003
586x835 (134582)
well.. .. a new year a new song.. .. my brother told me once, the new year will reflect the song that you hear first, in its entierty... i guess i can only wonder, for now
Thumbnail return to one.jpg October 13, 2002
400x619 (40882)
Allo'... hey! i'm still alive... gods have a sence of humor after all. New job, new rank, new poast, new state, new e-mail addy ( BTW)... Laters
Thumbnail plansofmice3.jpg March 24, 2001
704x600 (356459)
And this be why I'm not a comic-book artist... I'm terable with deadlines. I ment to have this out, by V-day, this year, for obvious reasons, but it didn't seem to work out that way... ... Otherwise, I'm just pokeing fun at Pep and Karma, again. :)
Thumbnail firewatch.jpg March 23, 2001
389x535 (90164)
Firewatches were important in any early culture, as a forwardmost early warning signal to impending danger; The plume from a blaze, on a chilly morn, or the bright of the firelight, on a dark night being easiest of all things to see at a distance, allowing the watchman to be as far forward as posable, to alow maximum prep-time. This young kilted buck seems to have spotted something... Go Commo! :) "Pro Patria Vigilans"
Thumbnail pairedsorcery.jpg March 22, 2001
545x437 (96692)
Although many tomes and volumes disagree and bicker on many points, about many subjects. All of them agree that two souls are better than one. Not only for the added potencey and efectiveness, but also for the spiretual benifit and togetherness of two hearts working in unison, in such a manner...
Thumbnail armed.jpg February 23, 2001
401x530 (76953)
Well this is an intresting change... Amus Horn, excerciseing his right to bear arms...
Thumbnail commomishap.jpg February 23, 2001
441x515 (104671)
Well... when they do what I tell them to, it usualy works out... or; 'Contemplateing alternate uses for neglegent PFCs'
Thumbnail bebby.jpg February 23, 2001
384x521 (58067)
I'll give ye a hint: it wouldn't be his mother teaching him to climb on the furnature...
Thumbnail mistrissdark.jpg February 1, 2001
665x600 (163397)
"The mistres wept not, for the spilled life force, as she gripped the broken blade, with the furious strength of a grate spirrit, in mourning..." ~'Archeidis', the book of 'Dusk'
Thumbnail Jessica.jpg February 1, 2001
800x526 (88639)
She told me that she didn't like guns, but she struck me as a bit of a kindred spiret. 'The first one to reach for a dart-gun, when the sudden urge struck'
Thumbnail skateshop.jpg February 1, 2001
400x424 (59985)
"Quitting alredy?", he said, clambering allon the barrier, after his latest of stumbles...
Thumbnail studdy.jpg January 14, 2001
700x514 (149677)
At the risk of seeming important, I envite all to have a look at this.. one of me pet-projects.. I think I said something about it, earlier...
Thumbnail plansofmice2.jpg January 14, 2001
1000x417 (172792)
One of me brother's and my favorite waists of time... ever see MST3K?... same thing, just no robots....
Thumbnail plansofmice.jpg January 14, 2001
1000x449 (226930)
Well... in the intrest of leaving a half-text medeum open, I've decided to start an open-ended periodical commic-strip, titled 'The Best Layed Plans of Mice' (the main character being a mouse) and what better way to get things rolling than to poke fun at me brother and his yiff? :)

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