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  Daniel-Harris 124 2000-08-08 14:56:40-04
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Thumbnail dh_bebopesque.jpg August 24, 2004
800x618 (301506)
The last index page pic for my site. Molly in a suspiciously familiar room playing on a suspiciously familiar computer system. Look at the filename. Yes, I'm a fan. ^^
Thumbnail dh_wereback.jpg August 21, 2004
800x614 (207773)
Franklin and Pierce are coming back this fall. Why? Because I love them too much to let them die. And no, I will not pimp them out anymore to self-referencing parody and tacky "tributes" and pornography. ...Except for the Garfield mug.
Thumbnail dh_studious.jpg August 21, 2004
800x614 (254528)
Another rather complicated piece to do, Patty studying some of her technical journals and such, in her own personal library. Pic for another index page.
Thumbnail dh_afterakira.jpg August 17, 2004
800x616 (216276)
My critics said that I could never draw or color well. Where are they today? ... The third index page for my site.
Thumbnail dh_robot.jpg August 13, 2004
800x615 (230999)
Robots are hard to draw. The second of my index pages. More of Vicky, because you demanded it.
Thumbnail dh_zero.jpg August 9, 2004
800x615 (195167)
Dimitri Zero, the fusion of the souls of over one million dragons in the Milky Way, and the ultimate answer to the unbridled, raw evil of Tiamat. So powerful he can split the planet in two. The first of eight index page backgrounds for my site.
Thumbnail dh_endhope.jpg July 31, 2004
800x613 (222161)
See, I told you I'd keep doing it. Incidentally, this is the last image for my intro. Photo backgrounds, when done right, can rock. Don't let anyone else tell you different.
Thumbnail dh_panned.jpg July 31, 2004
1600x605 (234262)
My fingers hurt now. I don't want to do this any more. But I will.
Thumbnail dh_smithy.jpg July 21, 2004
582x800 (141664)
The last one is of a new character, Ryan Nightweaver, brother of the inimitable Sandra. No, it's not Sandy with a Prince Charming hairstyle. It's only the greatest blacksmith this side of Gaia. I mean, who else could forge a 20 foot long sword?
Thumbnail dh_genius.jpg July 21, 2004
595x775 (206507)
Meet Molly Farrell, designer of her namesake airship. Not only is she a super-genius engineer at age 10, she's also cute as a button. Beat that. I know, you can't.
Thumbnail dh_scarf.jpg July 21, 2004
607x800 (173366)
Yay, I'm a one-man show on this archive. Anyway, these are the last three portraits, so bear with me. This is Patricia Farrell, the rabbit pilot of the Molly airship. I'm just going to make that her final hair color and be done with it.
Thumbnail dh_horsey.jpg July 17, 2004
650x559 (113498)
Shut up you two, we're just headshots. It's not like he actually *tried* or anything.
Thumbnail dh_ephemeral.jpg July 17, 2004
741x600 (167783)
Look at me, I'm prettier.
Thumbnail dh_impretty.jpg July 17, 2004
675x600 (137718)
Look at me, I'm pretty.
Thumbnail dh_eatyou.jpg July 15, 2004
609x750 (156363)
Sandra's going to eat you. Or rape you. Or both, I dunno. Ask her, but I warn you, that girl ain't right.
Thumbnail dh_pmsing.jpg July 15, 2004
578x760 (148383)
Vicky doesn't like you.
Thumbnail dh_angeleyes.jpg July 14, 2004
585x740 (148108)
Daniel thinks you should sit down and shut up.
Thumbnail dh_fusion.jpg July 12, 2004
800x612 (231182)
Perspective, either you know it or you don't. I obviously don't. -_- Sandra Nightweaver on top of Reactor 7 of District Reactor Services, the main fusion power provider for the city. This image took years off my life to color.
Thumbnail dh_smirky.jpg July 10, 2004
712x600 (160430)
Once a Sonic the Hedgehog fan character, adopted by my studio and turned into a Dead Earth character. Yes, it's Sandra Nightweaver. Make that Staff Sergeant Sandra Nightweaver.
Thumbnail dh_training.jpg July 9, 2004
800x611 (200035)
Daniel Slyder, master of Bokkendo, on top of a field of wooden training pillars in Thickpine Forest, overlooking the massive walled city of District. Part of my intro, you know the drill by now. For those who wanted to see more art from me...yes, I can draw on a regular basis.

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