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  Colleen-Phillips 34 2000-05-10 08:27:33-04
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Thumbnail cd-cbrgr.jpg May 10, 2000
398x583 (49170)
Same Size of Paper as the other 14x17, on Bristol. A Young, beach going fur contemplates eating a cheeseburger. Colored with Pencils and some inking.
Thumbnail horiz.jpg May 10, 2000
489x707 (66374)
Angel Looking a sun rise. Used Colored Pencils, colored Pastels, and ink.
Thumbnail jakl1.gif December 7, 1998
460x545 (16407)
An Egyptian Jackal.
Thumbnail ckomp.jpg December 7, 1998
430x569 (20796)
Kompy copyright Nichole Trujillo. Colored in Photoshop. :)
Thumbnail madcatn.jpg September 14, 1998
400x444 (28846)
Thumbnail pinfire4.jpg September 14, 1998
795x841 (38167)
Thumbnail margu.jpg August 8, 1998
276x527 (15702)
Margique the dog.
Thumbnail balth.jpg August 8, 1998
400x593 (20127)
Balthazar the Gecko.
Thumbnail aac_cp.jpg July 10, 1998
506x596 (35939)
This is the sketch I did in Gene Catlow's Notebook. Thank you Gene for Scanning it for me! It's of Catnel on the phone and Kassy, who ran around the phone cord too much and got stuck. Thank you again Gene!
Thumbnail kc_rian.gif July 3, 1998
477x518 (8049)
I got to meet Rian Real at KainCon... A really friendly white feline. Kassy wanted to become friendly real fast with him.
Thumbnail kc_lind.gif July 2, 1998
450x665 (10033)
My Daughter, Kassy, hides behind Lindgold, as I attempt to catch her on tape. Lindgold seems to be a bit at a loss.
Thumbnail kc_kevin.gif July 2, 1998
541x572 (9057)
Kevin! I finally got to give Kevin a big hug in RL.... It was fun at KainCon and I loved meeting the furs I've only talked to online. *HUGS!* everyone
Thumbnail kc_gene.gif July 2, 1998
500x665 (9329)
Gene Catlow and Kassy share a hug. I'm so glad she got along with everyone. Gene is one in a million. It was so Great meeting him!
Thumbnail kc_tpounc.gif July 2, 1998
463x529 (9460)
While at KainCon... I got Tet Pounced! I really loved meeting you Tet! Thank you. Wish I could have stayed longer.
Thumbnail cd-m002.jpg June 27, 1998
290x600 (18532)
Young mouse.
Thumbnail furtop001.gif June 18, 1998
335x354 (52684)
No Desc
Thumbnail kdpsas1.gif May 31, 1998
348x705 (20327)
My daughter, 4 years old... being sassy. Oh, the joys of motherhood.
Thumbnail m-catn.jpg May 19, 1998
293x373 (15246)
a quick drawing of catnel's face, using of all things, crayon and blue ink pen
Thumbnail nhgetwell.gif May 19, 1998
600x474 (122212)
Well, If you have been reading Newshounds like I have... You'll know why Renata is this way.
Thumbnail rizzy.gif May 19, 1998
322x511 (25346)
A doggy character, her name is Rizzy. Don't know why I named her that.

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