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  Chad-Burbidge 9 1998-11-28 02:51:44-05
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Thumbnail cassandra.gif November 28, 1998
586x750 (43942)
Foxy pin-up, but no nudity.
Thumbnail hi-cap2re.gif November 28, 1998
535x446 (186461)
Action pic of future comic.
Thumbnail hicap.JPG November 28, 1998
598x785 (120252)
Two preliminary designs for a couple characters I've got planned for a comic.
Thumbnail kikken5re.jpg November 28, 1998
399x566 (51331)
Yet another foxy pin-up. :) Full frontal, but nothing nasty.
Thumbnail kikken6.JPG November 28, 1998
469x674 (87884)
Pin-up pic ofa foxy. Top nudity.
Thumbnail Radd.gif November 28, 1998
700x300 (61841)
A link picture that'll tell yah where my homepage is. :)
Thumbnail tigerare.jpg November 28, 1998
350x476 (49244)
A pin-upish pic of some tigress I haven't really named. Topless nudity.
Thumbnail cathy.JPG November 28, 1998
670x502 (69697)
A pin-up picture of Catherine (copyright her player). Suggestive, but all the actual naughty bits are covered up.
Thumbnail redxiii.JPG November 28, 1998
642x476 (71450)
A pic done up for RedXIII (copyright her player). A winged kittie crawling through some brush.

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