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  Brooke-Michelle 6 1998-06-15 18:26:38-04
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Thumbnail aurora.jpg June 15, 1998
317x460 (76407)
The cutest of the oddimals, here's Aurora in a Dan Haskett inspired pose.
Thumbnail peking.jpg June 15, 1998
383x592 (86512)
Peking, the red panda, all dolled up. Done with a jelly roll pen! Peking (c) moi.
Thumbnail zuzuplay.jpg June 15, 1998
338x388 (95659)
My alter-ego, Zuccini, in a playful mood.
Thumbnail fawnsit.jpg May 27, 1998
380x720 (107382)
Fawn Dew sits on a stool. Fawn (c) moi.
Thumbnail vixbath.jpg May 27, 1998
283x447 (47307)
Ah, the furotic world. Okay, this is a fox in a tub and she's too dumb to know how to "turn it on". I thought this would be funny, but nooooo.
Thumbnail fwnsprng.jpg May 22, 1998
491x346 (143271)
This is a minor character of mine, Fawn Dew. She's a deer and-- oh yeah. Hi! I'm new here!

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