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  Brenda-DiAntonis 416 2001-01-06 17:50:26-05
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Thumbnail NewieBadge.jpg November 29, 2005
260x350 (63600)
A badge for Newie!
Thumbnail Weevil.jpg November 28, 2005
464x600 (47620)
A discussion on LJ made me realize I had only posted to this to Yerf and YNA and forgot to archive it here.
Thumbnail FrazzleBadge.jpg November 21, 2005
286x380 (75920)
A badge for Frazzle-626! I think out of all the badges I've done, I like this one the best. Something about the colors appeals to me. Yes, it's BRIGHT!
Thumbnail TrevorLovesGuitar.jpg November 15, 2005
467x600 (83117)
My half of an art trade with the very talented MicahFennec! This is her chinchilla character Trevor with his bass guitar, all colored in 80's colors! If you follow Micah's art, you already know how much Trevor loves the bass guitar. REALLY REALLY LOVES. ;)
Thumbnail XueyunXian.jpg November 14, 2005
420x550 (75527)
A Con sketch for Deerrock of his character "Xueyun", who is a snow leopardess warrior. Done in brush pens. From Conifur 2005.
Thumbnail LundenOtterSurf.jpg November 14, 2005
458x600 (104381)
Lil' pen and ink sketch of Lunden Otter's character surfing. =)
Thumbnail TrevorGuitarLove.jpg November 13, 2005
432x550 (109626)
Rough Sketch of my half of a trade with Micah Fennec. This is her character, Trevor...he REALLY loves his guitar. No, really, I've seen the pictures. REALLY REALLY LOVES. ;)
Thumbnail WolfScout.jpg November 13, 2005
521x600 (116523)
A cute native wolf named Scout looks up and surveys his territory. This is prismacolor markers and prismacolor pencils on 9" x 12" bristol board. For sale on Furbid.
Thumbnail ButterflyKitsune.jpg November 13, 2005
513x530 (122714)
A butterfly kitsune inside a green stain-glass-style circle. For sale on Furbid.
Thumbnail WindmistXianBW05.jpg November 12, 2005
436x600 (59234)
A sketch for Windmist the Otter that I did at Conifur 2005. Otters are so cute and really fun to draw.
Thumbnail FoxyLady.jpg November 12, 2005
691x500 (136303)
"Foxy Lady"... A vixen lays on a bed and gives you a small smile. This picture was a 9" x 12" color test on Bristol board. Was testing the color combo...I like it! I'm selling the picture now though...
Thumbnail BlaezLundenBadges.jpg November 10, 2005
544x350 (93355)
Badges for Blaez and Lunden Otter!
Thumbnail DancingServal.jpg November 10, 2005
427x564 (78912)
A scan of one of my Conifur Sketches (this was in Gerald's book, I believe)....a dancing Serval.
Thumbnail PlayfulOtterSm.jpg November 10, 2005
486x600 (128232)
A photo of a picture that I did last-minute for Conifur. Since I was away from home, I couldn't scan it, so I had to opt for a photo. And again, sadly, the lighting was pretty bad, and it came out not-so-good. But darnit, he IS cute. =)
Thumbnail FightingLionsRough.jpg November 10, 2005
441x600 (90545)
A photo of a sketchbook drawing from Conifur. Unfortunately, the lighting was REALLY bad, and my digital camera just couldn't get a good pic.
Thumbnail ZephyrCat.jpg November 8, 2005
698x560 (241064)
A picture for ZephyrCat. He waited a long time for this one. 11" x 14", Prismacolors markers and colored pencils on Bristol board. Oh, with a bit of paint and gold metallic pens too. And a lot of Petra, Skillet, Undercover, Delirious? and Sonicflood.
Thumbnail XianFrisket.jpg November 8, 2005
550x450 (78970)
A spoof on Frisket's pics. If everyone else gets to rip her off, so can I! =D *loves da Frisket*
Thumbnail FrisketBadge.jpg November 6, 2005
268x350 (66340)
A badge for Frisket! She's been so patient and good-natured with all my spoofing of her characters/art/ideas, and I wanted to do something nice for her. =) The gold paint around the name picked up weird on the scanner, IS sparkly metallic gold paint in RL.
Thumbnail WickBlueKayBalBadges.jpg November 6, 2005
424x550 (206090)
Four More Badges. Umm...they scanned a bit computer is currently having color issues. ;P
Thumbnail SleepyXianRomano.jpg October 30, 2005
450x650 (116723)
This was a sketch in ShyBoar's sketchbook at FC 2005. I was so tired during that convention...I drew so much!

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