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  Bernard-Doove 115 2000-10-28 10:09:25-04
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Thumbnail WhiteCaitian-wallpaper.jpg March 20, 2004
1024x768 (167158)
I was requested to do a drawing of a rare white furred Caitian named Sakesh Tar'rah. I gave her a basic colouring and the person was happy, but I couldn't leave it alone. I gave it the full treatment in Photoshop and this is the result. This is the wallpaper sized version of the pic. I also have her put into a starship bridge background. Ask me if you're curious.
Thumbnail Looking_To_The_Future.jpg January 5, 2004
800x563 (161935)
This piece is entitled - Looking Towards A Bright Future. It features Chakat Amber standing on a mountaintop surveying the lush lands and placid sea before hir as shi explores a new world. I feel it symbolic of what I have to look forward to in the new year.
Thumbnail InTheFields.jpg June 15, 2003
594x768 (204654)
It's the end of another hot and dusty day in the fields, and Chakat Artemis Bluestripe is ready to call it quits. A portrait of Blue done for hir creator.
Thumbnail Bodysuit-shaded.gif May 17, 2003
459x700 (33381)
A simple picture of a Caitian in a bodysuit.
Thumbnail RecliningSkunk.jpg May 17, 2003
700x496 (187135)
A slightly zaftig skunk fem reclines on a couch, daydreaming of her lover.
Thumbnail At_The_Canyon.jpg May 17, 2003
800x600 (178899)
Chakats Redstripe and Bluestripe make a vacation trip to the Grand Canyon. An illustration for a story by Joe Prescott whose characters these are. I'm very proud of this picture.
Thumbnail Best_Present.jpg December 28, 2001
498x650 (194073)
My Christmas card image for 2001 focused on the spirit of good relationships between family and friends. Here Garrek reaffirms his love for Goldfur.
Thumbnail Purteshka.gif October 15, 2001
499x600 (68640)
Purteshka is an elder in the Mountain Glade foxtaur clan. Her usual business is as a leatherworker of high quality, but when the need arises, she also serves the community as one of the pair of foxtaurs who are Justice & Enforcement. Here she is wearing the garments of the office.
Thumbnail Colliefrot-shaded.gif October 15, 2001
476x600 (56706)
Collifrot hard at work at her desk.
Thumbnail Kahlah-shaded.gif October 15, 2001
406x600 (58814)
Thumbnail Misa.gif October 15, 2001
189x600 (12644)
Thumbnail Divinia-colour.jpg October 15, 2001
432x600 (119319)
The cute winged kitty, Divinia. Wave hi to her!
Thumbnail Cheetah_chakat.gif October 6, 2001
703x600 (35040)
A chakat built and patterned like a cheetah, goes hunting for hir meal armed only with speed and bolas. I'm extremely pleased with this picture. I found this beautiful photo of a cheetah and knew that I *had* to make it into a chakat. I want to show that chakats come in different builds as well as many patterns, and the cheetah has a very distinctive build. However, it's still wasn't easy turning a natural animal into a taur, but this one worked out very well. Unlike most chakats, this one doesn't have human type hair, so I got to show a very natural looking head. The mane and the spots came out wonderfully. Also, I made the breasts smaller than normal so that they wouldn't impair hir running ability.
Thumbnail SuperColliePose.jpg October 6, 2001
643x600 (146049)
Here's the world-famous superheroine from New Zealand, Super Collie, striking a dramatic pose. I coloured this one in Photoshop and used it for the cover of South Fur Lands #21. I added some text to make it look like a tabloid exposé. I had a lot of fun doing this picture. Super Collie is the creation of Terry Knight.
Thumbnail Sherlock.gif October 6, 2001
482x600 (219951)
Chakat Sherlock reaches desperately and futilely for help as shi is being inexorably sucked out of a blown portal in a space station. This was drawn as an illustration for John Plunkett's story: Star Dancer. Unfortunately, I forgot that shi was supposed to be a rather brawny character, and consequently shi's much too lean.
Thumbnail Blue-ICU.gif October 6, 2001
629x600 (39763)
This is Blue of the Fornax sisters. Here she is in the intensive care unit after an operation that was barely in time to save her life. Done as an illustration for Matt McCullar's story: "You Don't Believe".
Thumbnail Weightlifting.jpg October 6, 2001
416x600 (52000)
Meredith got a little too caught up in the spirit of the Games, and took on a bit more than she could handle in the weightlifting event. I did this drawing for Mike Russell at Anthrocon 2001. Meredith is a trademark character of Mike Russell.
Thumbnail Windswept.jpg February 21, 2001
500x600 (227848)
A foxtaur hunter vixen enjoys the breeze on the windswept grassy hillside. Sold at the Further Confusion 2001 art show. I was very reluctant to part with this piece!
Thumbnail Outclassed.jpg February 21, 2001
800x525 (151954)
Despite being given a headstart, Vicki Fox finds herself badly outclassed by her kangaroo opponent. Vicki Fox is Trademark Mike Russell.
Thumbnail Purple-skunk.jpg February 21, 2001
408x600 (156349)
A skunk of a different colour! This was an attempt at doing some lineless art.

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