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  Avi-Kaiser 43 1998-08-31 22:49:41-04
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Thumbnail tabatha.jpg August 31, 1998
700x1269 (104086)
A drawing of Tabatha, the Wiz girl of Sherwood MUCK, tool box in hand, ready to fix any problem that might arise along the way.
Thumbnail rtalmeid.jpg August 31, 1998
600x793 (107951)
Rabbi Talmeid of Sherwood Muck begins his daily prayers.
Thumbnail phaedria.jpg August 31, 1998
1656x2178 (290097)
Phaedria of FurryMUCK.
Thumbnail miel.jpg August 31, 1998
1000x1239 (124409)
Miel, the beargrrl of Sherwood MUCK, pauses in her shopping. She tends to get tired easily at this late stage in her pregnacy.
Thumbnail melonny.jpg August 31, 1998
900x1467 (204394)
Melonny of FurryMUCK strikes a pose.
Thumbnail medusa.jpg August 31, 1998
900x1173 (178165)
A medusa-like creature pauses in her contemplation of whether to devour her next batch of assailants, or reserve them for 'other' purposes...
Thumbnail margaret.gif August 31, 1998
800x932 (269293)
Margaret, a vivacious mink lass of Furry MUCK, 'climbs the mountain'.
Thumbnail loqu.jpg August 31, 1998
1100x995 (143690)
Loquacious (the academic centaur) of Furry MUCK, striking a heroic pose.
Thumbnail kratsmin.jpg August 31, 1998
791x1232 (113005)
Kratsminsch, that sublimed skunkess of Furry MUCK, poses demurely upon rising.
Thumbnail kera-s.jpg August 31, 1998
695x950 (96556)
Kera Savalion from FurryMUCK.
Thumbnail jacka.jpg August 31, 1998
882x730 (99168)
A drawing of Jacka Micawber of Sherwood MUCK, posing in a relaxed mood.
Thumbnail idiot.jpg August 31, 1998
1200x1617 (232367)
A vixen domitrix gets a mite peeved at the fact her wolf-boy slave's apparently a little apparently a little quick on the draw.
Thumbnail hrafnkel.jpg August 31, 1998
900x1389 (140965)
An illustration of Hrafnkel of FurryMUCK in a more relaxed mood.
Thumbnail grwltigr.jpg August 31, 1998
1000x1109 (180077)
Growl Tiger of IRC #Furry administers an in-depth proctal examination of a wolf. ;)
Thumbnail furvert1.gif August 31, 1998
798x1016 (420453)
Furvert of Furry Muck has a little fun. ;)
Thumbnail flnt-ayk.jpg August 31, 1998
750x1252 (166561)
Flinthoof Ponypal of Furry Muck contemplates a mint chocolate truffle.
Thumbnail cpn-mdth.jpg August 31, 1998
800x1444 (123088)
Captain Packrat and Merideth, of Furry MUCK, show a few of the feelings that they have towards one another.
Thumbnail coquette.jpg August 31, 1998
619x548 (48573)
A nude vixen strikes a pose with a coy, 'come hither' expression on her face.
Thumbnail collisse.jpg August 31, 1998
900x1222 (144128)
Collisse, a beautiful vixen maiden of Furry MUCK, refreshes herself with a morning bath in a quiet pond.
Thumbnail catmouse.jpg August 31, 1998
800x1050 (94089)
A male feline and a female musculus show the real reason cats chase mice.

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