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  Ashryn 18 2000-11-09 04:47:20-05
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Thumbnail Thoughtless.jpg February 1, 2003
635x786 (193867)
Something a little different. As a note, anyone who wishes to inquire about commissions, print information, etc, please contact me at
Thumbnail Maeve-Incomplete.jpg February 1, 2003
513x783 (116842)
A sample of a new style. Unfinished at the moment. I hope to change that some point soon. :P
Thumbnail TizVen-Final.jpg January 31, 2003
543x755 (112201)
Finalized commission. Please see FurBid for details on purchasing a rather unique commission (if the price exceeds $100, you can order a comic page, extra prints, or even an extra commission, dependant on price).
Thumbnail AA-Obvious-c.jpg July 8, 2002
454x431 (52400)
(Desc Change For Maintenance Reasons) I'm moving all of my smut off of FAN and Velar. Everything is going over to I'll still post here, just none of my pr0n. ^_-
Thumbnail Lillian3.gif April 27, 2002
404x756 (46633)
Thumbnail TwoFaced.gif April 27, 2002
363x730 (45952)
I shouldn't be allowed to smoke myself silly.
Thumbnail NotLisa.gif April 27, 2002
578x775 (32977)
So I guess it may have been intended to be Lisa at one point. <_<;
Thumbnail Roxanne05.jpg April 27, 2002
511x620 (82355)
I (Heart) Arphalia. :D~ </tard> Roxanne makes a re-appearance.
Thumbnail JL-sample.jpg April 27, 2002
679x949 (198878)
Another kind of comic format. I was attempting to do something sedate, something more atmospheric than anything else. I like the artwork, but I think I fucked up with my original intent.
Thumbnail FionaN2.gif April 27, 2002
288x732 (34254)
Fiona gets a new look. Slowly re-mapping the character and attempting... -attempting- to not make it too tragic. n.n;
Thumbnail 430am.gif April 27, 2002
562x865 (136917)
Barring fugue and other forms of bizarre amnesia, Multiple Personality Disorder is by and far the most fascinating dementia/coping mechanism out there. I attempted to put across impressions and imagery that suited it. I know, that sounds pretentious. ._.
Thumbnail Syrin02.gif June 10, 2001
381x576 (40406)
This one still marks a good transition in my life. It stays.
Thumbnail Leona04.gif June 10, 2001
493x652 (50079)
Leona, staring at... something. A picture I'll likely do a quick colorjob for for the Wasteland website.
Thumbnail palm.gif October 5, 2000
477x592 (33212)
From the days when I hated my life. Can you tell?
Thumbnail FerineHuskie.gif October 5, 2000
520x599 (51122)
I still kinda like this one. So I suppose it'll stay. c.c
Thumbnail LHimby05.gif May 2, 1999
472x662 (78676)
I can't help but stare back at this time period and go 'What kind of fucktard -was- I?' ...c.c; Although I'm sure everyone goes through phases like that.
Thumbnail StreexAsh.jpg April 20, 1999
475x603 (74917)
The first picture I ever did for MoRBiD. ...I'm surprised he didn't take me out back and shoot me.
Thumbnail TailsPissed.gif April 17, 1999
570x575 (81294)
This got a few amusing debates going. ;P

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